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CGV holds a fan screening event for The First Slam Dunk, to celebrate attracting 3M+ viewers


Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk fans get to watch the movie in theaters named after characters--Song Tae-seob, Jung Dae-man, Kang Baek-ho, Seo Tae-woong and Chae Chi-soo.

Watch The First Slam Dunk in theater named after your favorite Slam Dunk character and win a prize!

CGV today announced that they will hold a fan screening event in which fans who love the Buksan Highschool members from The First Slam Dunk can get together and cheer for the team. The First Slam Dunk fan screening event is a participatory event where movie fans can freely shout for their favorite character in theaters named after the five popular Buksan Highschool members. They can not only have an exciting chance to cheer out loud in different theaters dedicated their favorite player with their friends, but also get to win a variety of giveaways, such as cheering clappers, a Photo Play coupon, and an IMAX movie ticket.

Participants to the screening event held on Feb 18-19 will receive cheering clappers and Photo Play coupons.

The First Slam Dunk fan screening event is scheduled for two days in Feb 18-19 at CGV Gangnam, Gwangju Terminal, Centum City, Yeongdeungpo, Yongsan I’PARK Mall, Uijeongbu, Incheon, Cheonan Terminal, Pangyo and Hongdae. To join the event, just select the screening time with your favorite character’s name on it on the movie booking page. You can also take the ticket with the name of your favorite character on it as a keepsake if you book the screening on the CGV website.

Upload your photo enjoying the fan screening event on social media for a chance to win an IMAX ticket.

CGV provides cheering clappers to all viewers who watch The First Slam Dunk on screening times included in the fan screening event. Clappers will be given out after checking the tickets in front of the box office starting one hour prior to screening time, or as you enter the theater. Event participants will also receive one free Photo Play coupon that lets you keep the memory of watching a movie in your own way. You can also take a picture of yourself with your ticket as you enjoy the fan screening event and upload the photo on Instagram with a hashtag (#fanscreeningevent). CGV will also provide two IMAX tickets to five lucky winners selected through lottery.

For event details, go to the CGV website or the event page on the mobile CGV app.

Kang Mi-su, head of the Marking Communications at CGV, said, “We arranged a special cheering screening event for The First Slam Dunk fans to celebrate garnering of over 3 million viewers. So come and watch The First Slam Dunk in a theater that has been named after your favorite character, make your own Photo Play coupon, and keep the memory of the movie for years to come.”

Watch The First Slam Dunk at Yongsan IMAX starting April 5.

Starting April 5, you can enjoy The First Slam Dunk in an IMAX theater as well. IMAX theaters not only have the largest screens that you can watch based on a structure that is designed to immerse the audience into what’s on the screen, but also have an amazing sound system that maximizes the feeling that things in the screens are happening right in front of your eyes. This will provide yet another special experience for Slam Dunk fans as they can watch cartoon characters with incredible clarity on a big screen and hear the amazing sound effects of the basketballs bouncing off the floor, shoes skidding on the court, and balls hitting the net as they go through the hoop.