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PICK of the Year as voted directly by TVING viewers!


2022 TVING Awards

▶ Photo Courtesy = TVING

TVING, one of the most watched OTT services in Korea, announced 6 ‘PICK of the Year’ content items, as voted directly by its users.

For the 'PICK of the Year' event prepared as part of the '2022 TVING Awards,' users voted for the content they enjoyed the most. About 950,000 votes were collected through TVING’s official website and Instagram for a week starting from the 15th, which ended in a neck-and-neck match. Through this voting, the six best content items of the year, namely Best Cheers, Best Kissing Scene, Best Performance, Best Player, Best Healing Moment, Best Thrill were selected.

Best Cheers , Best Kissing Scene

The ‘Best Cheers,’ or the best-drinking-scene, award went to ‘Transit Love - Season 2,’ which became the winner after a neck-and-neck match against ‘Work Later, Drink Now - Season 2.’ Many viewers found the candid conversations that took place over drinks on the dates highly relatable. In particular, “See you tomorrow, Nuna,” which is what Jeong Hyeon-kyu said to Sung Hae-eun immediately after joining the rest of the cast for the first time in Jeju as he asked her out on a date, has become the ‘line of the show,’ stirring the hearts of the cast as well as the audience.

The honor of the ‘Best Kissing Scene’ that gave butterflies to all viewers went to the Yumi (Kim Go-eun) and Bobby (Park Jin-young) couple from the TVING original series . Their first kiss led to the meeting of their tongue cells, an encounter that started with an awkward greeting, followed by a passionate dance of the tango, then ended with a sad farewell, which left a lasting impression on the minds of the viewers.

for Best Performance, for Best Players

, Im Young-woong’s first solo national tour concert, won the ‘Best Performance’ category. The performance recorded a real-time audience share of 96% back when it was broadcast live on TVING in August, delivering the atmosphere and heat of the actual show to the viewers watching from home.

Lee Eun-ji, Mimi, Lee Young-ji, and Ahn Yu-jin, who showed great chemistry on tvN's , became winners of the 'Best Player' award, for entertaining the audience with their outstanding wit and undying energy, which often left the production team baffled and the viewers crying in laughter.

for the Best Healing Moment, and for the Best Thrill

The ‘Best Healing Moment’ award went to . The drama, which depicted the struggle of three siblings towards their own definition of happiness, touched the hearts of many viewers with some deeply moving acting and storyline, offering a warm consolation and a sense of empathy to the audience, wherever they stand in their lives.

tvN’s “Little Women” became the winner of the “Best Thrill” award. The work, which followed the story of three sisters, who had grown up loving each other despite suffering from poverty, as they confronted power in their own way. The drama received rave reviews for its twists and turns combined impeccably with the dark wrath and desire of the three-dimensional characters.

Time to binge-watch the most popular content of TVING in 2022!

The cast members of the work that won the ‘Content of the Year’ and ‘PICK of the Year’ at the ‘2022 TVING Awards’ were presented with trophies and gifts made especially by TVING.

According to a TVING official, “We prepared this award ceremony to encourage our viewers to take part in selecting the work and scenes that they enjoyed the most throughout the year, which turned out to be a special experience for both the audience and the cast. We hope to continue to offer fun, exciting, and touching content across different genres and formats.”

This year marks the third year of ‘TVING Awards,’ which are held annually to award programs that were loved by the audience throughout the year. This year, the award categories included the 'Content of the Year,' which went to the content that was most loved by viewers, the 'PICK of the Year,' which went to items voted directly by viewers, as well as 'This Year's Teasley,' which went to the most enthusiastic viewers. 9 ‘Content of the Year’ items were announced on the 15th, followed by the announcement of the ‘PICK of the Year’ and ‘Teasley of the Year’ on the 26th.