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CJ Freshway to launch full-fledged efforts for its ‘Brand Solution’ business ... designed to help the launch of new brands of franchise customers


CJ Freshway to launch full-fledged efforts for its ‘Brand Solution’ business ... designed to help the launch of new brands of franchise customers

▶ CJ Freshway will be taking its ‘Brand Solution’ business to the next step as it seeks to promote the brand launches of its franchise customers. Photo: Spam Kimchi Fried Rice (left) and Fish Ball Udon (right), the signature dishes of Bob and Dong, a brand launched by Doogaji Company in collaboration with CJ Freshway’s Brand Solution business.

The first business model of its type to be adopted in the food ingredients distribution industry

CJ Freshway is accelerating its Brand Solution business to support restaurant franchise customers’ new brand launches. This is the first business model of its type to be adopted in the food ingredients distribution industry.

The Brand Solution business seeks to help customers expand their business by providing support across different aspects of launching a new brand, from developing the identity, designing the menu, all the way through to marketing. The business model helps create new business opportunities for customers, at the same time allowing CJ Freshway to secure additional food ingredients sales for a win-win partnership. CJ Freshway started its full-scale efforts to develop the new business with the establishment of Food Service Solution Sales Team in January last year.

The new business’s first project: Bob and Dong, a new brand by Doogaji Company

The Brand Solution business’s first project is Bob and Dong, the second brand launched by Doogaji Company which operates Doogaji Tteokbokki, a tteokbokki restaurant. Bob and Dong is a rice and udon restaurant that specializes in deliveries, and that was launched to target the fast growing food delivery market amidst the pandemic. It's a shop-in-shop type restaurant specializing in easy-to-cook, easy-to-deliver fried rice. The store will be located inside existing Doogaji Tteokbokki stores, thereby requiring no additional facility investments.

More than 15 locations have opened since the restaurant was first launched at the end of May this year, and, counting the number of locations scheduled to open, this number is expected to reach 20. Its first location in Juan-dong has successfully ranked itself among the top 10 restaurants in Michuhol-gu, Incheon, the delivery app-based location of the store.

CJ Freshway and Doogaji Company have been working closely with each other for the launch of Bob and Dong since March. CJ Freshway made a proposal for a new brand to Doogaji Company as part of its strategy to increase franchise revenue in the highly competitive eat-out market, three months after which Bob and Dong first opened its doors.

Playing a hidden role, instrumental in designing brand identity to restaurant menus

씨제이프레시웨이, ‘브랜드 솔루션’ 사업 본격 추진

▶ BI of Doogaji Company's Bob and Dong, the launch of which was support by CJ Freshway

CJ Freshway participated in different aspects of the brand launch based on the market and trend research of the dine-out market, playing an instrumental role in brand naming, BI creation, as well as outlining the overall brand concept as a fried rice specialty brand. The company also leveraged its product development competencies to help design the menu and recipes, including Spam Kimchi Fried Rice and Fish Ball Udon.

CJ Freshway intends to contribute continuously to designing new additions to Bob and Dong’s menu, as well as taking charge of food ingredients distribution through its domestic logistics infrastructure. The company hopes to expand its Brand Solution business, using the success of the Bob and Dong project as its stepping stone, as it helps to create various success cases for its customers as a food business partner.

“Thanks to the collaboration with CJ Freshway, we were able to launch our second brand within a short period of time. We plan to nurture the brand with the goal of opening its 100th location next year as we are receiving an overwhelming number of inquiries for new locations, even without any marketing,” said CEO Kim Hyun-Sik of Doogaji Company.

“The milestone we achieved through the Brand Solution business is significant in that it presented a new paradigm for the food ingredients distribution industry by providing customized business services that go beyond merely supplying products. We would be grateful for the opportunity to reach more business customers through our Solution Business,” remarked a CJ Freshway official.