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CJ Freshway to develop personalized solutions based on children's health data


프레시웨이, 어린이 건강 데이터로 맞춤형 솔루션 개발 나선다

Following the signing of a business agreement, CJ Freshway CEO Jeong Seong-pil (right), Woori Children's Hospital chairman Jeong Seong-gwan (left), and Mingling CEO Jeon Chang-yeol (center), at Woori Children's Hospital in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul on the 2nd.

CJ Freshway has signed a business agreement with pediatric hospital “Woori Children's Hospital” and medical edutech platform “Mingling”

CJ Freshway will develop personalized solutions that make use of health data in partnership with a pediatric hospital and a medical edutech company.

On the 2nd, CJ Freshway signed a business agreement with Woori Children's Hospital and Mingling in a decision develop new products and services together for the growth and development of children. Woori Children's Hospital is the only pediatric hospital in South Korea designated by the country’s Ministry of Health and Welfare, with an average of 500,000 patients visiting each year, and is amassing vast amounts of children's health and diagnosis data. Mingling, a medical edutech company, in turn, plans to unveil children's health and education programs that make use of the data from Woori Children's Hospital via the “Wooah Doctor” app, which is slated for an official launch sometime this month.

In conjunction with partners, CJ Freshway plans to design personalized products and services according to the growth cycle based on children's health data.

This business agreement is part of CJ Freshway's ongoing solution business initiative. The business of solutions is one where businesses provide clients with necessary products and services that are personalized for each client not simply as product suppliers, but as their business partners.

Leveraging this agreement, CJ Freshway plans to come up with products and childcare services of high quality by combining its product and distribution infrastructure, — which centers around its kids food brand “Ainuri,” with Woori Children's Hospital's data-based medical insight and Mingling's IT and educational capabilities. In addition to that, CJ Freshway also plans to provide Mingling's children's educational content for physical and emotional development to Ainuri clients so that not only childcare facilities, such as kindergartens and daycare centers, but also parents can receive differentiated experiences.

“We will introduce differentiated solutions by combining our product and distribution infrastructure with external IT capabilities.”

Recently, CJ Freshway has been accelerating efforts to concretize its solution business by networking with data-based IT companies across a variety of fields. The business agreement signed with Woori Children's Hospital and Mingling is significant for CJ Freshway in that it will make it possible for the company to make use of children's growth and development data and attendant health and educational programs. Furthermore, CJ Freshway is also anticipating synergy with “Hangloo,” a partner company that runs electronic document ERP systems for daycare centers.

CJ Freshway CEO Jeong Seong-pil said, “Since healthy eating constitutes a significant part of children’s growth years, we’ve set out to come up with personalized solutions based on reliable health data. Going forward, we will continue to present all-round solutions from products to services to help our clients’ businesses grow as their business partner.”