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CJ CGV Participates in ‘Together With the Digitally Underserved’ With Seoul Metropolitan Government


Digital guides in performance as well as Digital Competence Enhancement Council and Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon.

▶ Digital guides in performance as well as Digital Competence Enhancement Council and Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon.

Public-Private Partnership Between the Seoul Metropolitan Government and CJ CGV to Facilitate the Use of Kiosks for the Digitally Underserved

CJ CGV will collaborate with the Seoul Metropolitan Government to promote a project to improve kiosks that they are easy to use among the digitally underserved including the elderly.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government held the event 'Together with the Digitally Underserved' on the 11th for those experiencing discomfort due to the digital environment that has become a part of everyday life, especially with the accelerating non-face-to-face lifestyle since the pandemic. CJ CGV as well as other organizations and companies participated in the event to share information on the current situations and to set future directions.

The participants agreed to form the ‘Digital Competence Enhancement Council’ as a public-private partnership network to improve the digital user environment. The ‘Digital Competence Enhancement Council’ is a cooperative system that can help establish effective policies and create a friendly environment for the digitally underserved by listening to their voices. The participants include CJ CGV, Seoul Digital Foundation, Korea Franchise Association, Korean Seoul Senior Citizens Association, Senior Welfare Center of Seoul, Korea Differently Abled Federation, Seoul Association of Senior Welfare Centers, Seoul Senior Club, Korea Association of Community Care for the Elderly, Shinhan Bank, Lotte 7-Eleven, KBS Media, SK Telecom, and ALUX.

Promoting the Kiosk Improvement Project by Forming the Digital Competence Enhancement Council

Together, with the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Shinhan Bank, CJ CGV will develop kiosks that are friendly to be used by the digitally underserved based on the voices of actual users from advisory meetings with organizations for the elderly and those with disabilities. The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to provide digital education using CGV’s kiosks for the digitally underserved, which will be completed and applied on a test-basis by the second half of this year and will hold a movie ticketing event involving the actual use of the devices.

In addition, the ‘Digital Competence Enhancement Council’ is also conducting a public awareness campaign called ‘It’s OK To Take It Slow’ that emphasizes consideration for those who have difficulty using kiosks. CJ CGV plans to create a special zone for the digitally underserved at the theater to create an environment in which these people can feel less pressured when using kiosks.

Holding a Public Awareness Campaign for Using Kiosks

Since May 2021, CJ CGV has been conducting observational surveys and in-depth interviews of the elderly with Seoul Digital Foundation to initiate a joint project to develop the standard for senior-friendly kiosks. Through the ‘Digital Competence Enhancement Council,’ CJ CGV will effectively reduce the disparities in using kiosks based on the ‘Standard Guide for Accessibility to Senior-Friendly Kiosks’ that is already developed. In particular, CJ CGV will improve the key functions that might be difficult for the digitally underserved by simplifying the process and supporting easy payment. By adopting these kiosks, the digitally underserved will be able to enjoy CJ CGV’s services with greater convenience.

In addition, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will carry out various activities to resolve the inconveniences caused by the digital environment, such as appointing 100 digital guides who actually visit those facing difficulties with digital devices and solve their problems right away improving digital competence enhancement education.

“The Seoul Metropolitan Government truly relates to the idea that all citizens should be able to participate in the digital world and equally enjoy the benefits of digital technology without any discrimination or exclusion,” said Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon. “We will do our utmost to make Seoul move forward side by side with the digitally underserved.”

“Many people face inconveniences since they’re not so used to the non-face-to-face system that’s found not just in movie theaters but also throughout everyday life,” said CJ CGV Chief Strategy/Digital Officer Bae Seung-ho. “We will work closely with the Seoul Metropolitan Government to facilitate the use of the non-face-to-face system for everyone by improving key functions of kiosks that may be difficult to use and creating an environment that reduces the mental pressure of using the kiosks.”