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CJ Logistics’ One-stop e-Commerce Logistics System eFLEXs Goes Mobile


CJ Logistics’ One-stop e-Commerce Logistics System eFLEXs Goes Mobile

▶ Members of the CJ Logistics’ e-Commerce IT Team present eFLEXs-M, the mobile version of the company's e-commerce logistics system. This app allows sellers who use CJ Logistics’ fulfillment service to handle all logistics related activities from inventory and order management to the tracking of delivery and customer management anytime, anywhere.

# Seller A, who markets interior merchandise using CJ Logistics’ fulfillment service, sees a surge in orders it receives after it launches a Shop and Decorate Your Home Week. CJ Logistics’ app eFLEXs-M sends Seller A a push alarm showing a list of products in short supply when their orders have exceeded their inventory stored at the fulfillment center. Having identified easily which types of products are in short supply and how much is in stock, Seller A can now contact their manufacturers to fill the gap for delivery to customers without delay.

Easier for E-commerce Sellers to Have Full Visibility Into Logistics Anytime Anywhere via Their Mobile Devices

Technology innovation leader CJ Logistics has released a mobile app optimized for e-commerce sellers, with a view to upgrade its fulfillment service and lead digital transformation in the logistics industry.

On the 7th, the company announced the release of eFLEX-M, a mobile app that can provide logistics data in real time for e-commerce sellers who use CJ Logistics’ fulfillment service. The app is the mobile version of eFLEXs, an integrated logistics management system that CJ Logistics developed last April for the first time in the industry. The system, now available on mobile devices in addition to PCs, allows sellers to handle all logistics related activities, including inventory and order management, tracking of deliveries, and customer management, anytime, anywhere.

Push Alarms That Show a List of Products in Short Supply Can Minimize Inventory Shortage for Better Delivery Experiences Among Sellers and Consumers

The app, in particular, can give sellers a push alarm that shows a list of products in short supply so that the seller can respond promptly to orders from consumers. If inventory stored at CJ Logistics’ fulfillment center is lower than the order, the relevant seller will be notified of which types of products and how much is in stock through the app. Based on the data, the seller can have the inventory replenished quickly to minimize the shortage and provide prompt deliveries to consumers.

The App’s Ability to Register Events Can Help Optimize Fulfillment Operation and Meet Surging Demand Seamlessly

Sellers can register their upcoming shopping events through their mobile devices. Based on this information, CJ Logistics can optimize their activities at the fulfillment center, including workforce and operating hours, to handle surging product volume and deliver products to consumers more reliably.

The app now allows sellers to easily access the inventory data and delivery status in real time, which used to only be available through PC-based eFLEXs. It also gives them push alarms instantly when CJ Logistics responds to their questions or requests are uploaded to the CS bulletin board, which, in turn, allows them to respond to consumer questions faster.

CJ Logistics expects that its exceptional fulfillment operation coupled with an upgraded system will provide much greater convenience for sellers. It currently operates a fusion fulfillment system based on its fulfillment center that combines its nation-wide delivery terminals and advanced technologies, offering an ‘order by midnight for next day delivery’ service. The app, according to the company, will allow sellers to respond to orders with higher efficiency and a shorter lead time, offering higher fulfillment as well as better delivery experiences for both sellers and consumers.

CJ Logistics will facilitate seller growth and greater consumer convenience by adopting fulfillment-specific advanced technology and systems and by also providing comprehensive logistics support.

“The app is designed to provide sellers using our fulfillment service with access to real-time logistics data anytime, anywhere so that they can meet orders promptly,” says Ryu Sang-cheon, Leader of Information and Strategy, CJ Logistics. “We expect that the easier sellers find their activities, the better the delivery experiences will be that are provided to consumers.”