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CJ Olive Networks Opens a Smart Unmanned Restaurant at Lotte World Busan


Raracost’s Lotte World Busan location integrates food-drop with smart-store system.

CJ Olive Networks, Inc. (CEO Cha In-hyok) implemented a smart-store system at a food-drop restaurant in Lotte World Adventure Busan.

Lotte World Adventure Busan, the only theme park in the city, is the first to showcase a unique food-drop restaurant, which features rails that mimic a rollercoaster.ㄴ

CJ Olive Networks adopted OneOrder, a smart-store solution for unmanned stores, in this food-drop restaurant to maximize customer convenience.

Order with mini Table Order kiosks, get served through a rollercoaster.

올리브네트웍스 무인 레스토랑 시스템

The tables in this three-floor restaurant are equipped with 50 Table Order tablets for ordering, and the kitchen operates with a 21-inch ODS (Order Display System), the largest size of its kind. All Table Order tablets are synced with the smart watches worn by employees responsible for handling customer complaints.

Customers order dishes on the mini Table Order kiosks customized to fit for the concept of the restaurant, using the RFID card provided upon entering and pay everything at once as they leave.

The kitchen staff receives the order through the ODS and prepares the food to send it down the rollercoaster to the table.

RFID card-enabled contact-free orders and one-stop payments for maximized customer convenience.

At this food-drop restaurant located inside Lotte World Busan, visitors can experience the unique rollercoaster serving system as well as the convenient contact-free order and payment system provided by CJ Olive Networks.

CJ Olive Networks plans to make this OneOrder solution available at all of its 120 Raracost locations going forward.

Park Hyun-woo, head of the Smart Store Team at CJ Olive Networks said, “We are pleased to introduce our unmanned store system to the visitors at the first rollercoaster-themed restaurant in the country for a delightful dine-out experience. We hope to maximize customer convenience and restaurant efficiency with this quick and easy contact-free system.”