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CJ ONSTYLE announces “plastic-free packaging” and leads the “meaning-out trend”


CJ ONSTYLE uses a variety of eco-friendly packaging materials, such as paper tape and eco-tapeless boxes.

▶ CJ ONSTYLE uses a variety of eco-friendly packaging materials, such as paper tape and eco-tapeless boxes.

CJ ONSTYLE has decided to replace plastic packaging tapes with paper tapes for all products delivered from centers, equivalent to 6.6 million meters per year.

CJ ONSTYLE announced to replace plastic packaging tape with paper tape to celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th. Since 2017, the company has started to replace its plastic packaging with eco-friendly paper tape for center delivery products and decided to use only paper tapes on the occasion of Environment Day.

This is expected to reduce approximately 6.6 million meters or 330,000 square meters of plastic tape consumption this year. It also adds convenience for consumers since they don’t have to remove plastic tape from delivery boxes and dispose of them separately.

Expected to reduce 1,040,000 square meters or 61.5 tons of plastic consumption through various eco-friendly activities, including the industry's first paper cushions and tapeless boxes.

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CJ ONSTYLE has carried out various eco-friendly activities since it introduced the industry’s first paper cushions (which replaced air caps) and eco-friendly ice packs in 2017. In 2019, it unveiled the assembly “eco-tapeless box,” which doesn’t require any plastic tape or adhesive and is made of only paper, for the first time in the industry. The company has acquired a utility model as well. In addition, CJ ONSTYLE has established a product-to-package ratio to prevent excessive packaging and has approximately 600 types of delivery boxes. Through such efforts, CJ ONSTYLE has reduced 1,040,000 square meters (113 times bigger than Seoul World Cup Stadium) or 61.5 tons of plastic consumption and secured a further momentum to accelerate its eco-friendly movement with the recent decision to use only paper tape.

Meanwhile, the company has installed handles to delivery boxes for the convenience of delivery workers and conducted an “Eco-packaging Together” campaign to introduce a “how to package and dispose guide” to suppliers and consumers, expanding the scope of value-based consumption. In recognition of its contribution to leading the “meaning-out” trend, CJ ONSTYLE received the Minister of Environment Award in the eco-friendly consumption category as well as a prize at the Good Packaging Contest organized by the Ministry of Environment.

The company’s customer service innovation manager Kim Hee-jin said, “We decided not to use plastic tapes to continue to lead eco-friendly trends across the industry. We will make continuous efforts to encourage value-based consumption and establish a sustainable business ecosystem based on our ESG philosophy.”