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Olive Young Staff Members Join the Beauty Cycle Campaign Spearheading the Effort to Recycle Used Bottles


Olive Young Staff Members Join the Beauty Cycle Campaign Spearheading the Effort to Recycle Used Bottles

Olive Young launched a bottle recycling campaign targeting employees in celebration of Earth day beginning on April 22 through 29.

Olive Young employees launched a campaign to recycle used bottles and protect the environment.

Olive Young today announced that they had launched a bottle recycling campaign with all employees by installing a massive bottle recycling bin in the head office lobby to celebrate Earth day beginning on April 22 through 29.

The Beauty Cycle Campaign urges customers to join the effort to recycle used plastic cosmetic bottles into new resources. Olive Young installed recycling bins to collect empty bottles and to encourage the recycling of cosmetics containers that are not easy to disassemble into different parts depending on the materials used when discarding them.

Olive Young is encouraging participation by installing a huge recycling bin for bottles to make it easy for employees to find and throw in used bottles from home or office.

The event was arranged to form a company-wide consensus with the Beauty Cycle Campaign, which is being carried out in major Olive Young stores nationwide, and to give a chance to Olive Young employees to join in with the recycling effort easily. All they need to do is look around at home or in the office, find empty cosmetic bottles, which are generally difficult to take apart according to the materials used, and throw them in the recycling bin in the company lobby.

The bottles collected will be combined with the bottles given by customers this year and upcycled into eco-friendly goods.

The campaign is being waged in full force with a goal of collecting 1 ton of empty bottles from major Olive Young stores nationwide to “continue the endeavor to preserve nature.”

Olive Young ran a pilot Beauty Cycle Campaign last year and expanded the scale of the campaign this year to collect 1 ton of empty bottles. To join the effort, you can wash and dry the empty bottles, remove the labels, and put the bottles inside the recycle bin paced in Olive Young stores. The recycle bins are installed in 20 flagship and town stores across the country.

This year, the company has increased the type of collectible bottles and benefits offered to participating customers. You can bring empty plastic bottles that had been used for skincare, haircare, body care, cleansing, and dental care products, even bottles from brands not available at Olive young. Customers who take part in the campaign will be presented with a KRW 2,000 discount coupon that can be used when purchasing products worth KRW 20,000 or more as a show of appreciation for joining the endeavor to protect the environment.

An officer from Olive Young said, “We prepared the internal campaign with a consensus on the goal of the campaign ‘to build a virtuous cycle of resources,’ and help participants experience the joy of preserving nature. We also urge customers to join us in safeguarding the environment by visiting our flagship and town stores nearby as we plan to develop the Beauty Cycle Campaign into a marquee eco-friendly activity of the year.”