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“Digital content-live commerce synergies burst into bloom,” “Brian's Brighter Life(브티나는 생활)” records the highest ever order value for a CJ OnStyle live commerce show


Brian's Brighter Life

CJ OnStyle’s digital content commerce “Brian's Brighter Life” achieved a broadcast order value of about 2.5 billion KRW, leading to the Home Living Fair 2022's turnover of 6 billion KRW.

CJ OnStyle’s first digital content commerce show for this year, “Brian's Brighter Life,” has come to a successful close on the 13th, with a total view count of 450,000 and a total order value of 2.5 billion KRW. With “Brian's Brighter Life,” CJ OnStyle has achieved the highest view count and the highest order value in its history. It is said that the show's distribution method, which thoroughly focused on consumer needs and changes in consumer consumption patterns, contributed to increasing both order performance and consumer satisfaction with shopping.

“Brian's Brighter Life” provided viewers with digital content that included reviews of the products to be sold and how to use them in advance, prior to broadcasting the live commerce session. A total of six live commerce sessions took place, and the digital content for each session was unveiled on the YouTube channel “tvN D ENT” prior to the session commencement. The show consisted of infotainment content where Brian, an entertainer with a unique sense of interior design, and Nar, a YouTuber specializing in interior design, visited consumers’ homes, and offered interior design tips. Not only were examples of interior designs created using products sold in CJ OnStyle's live commerce sessions, but also broadcast schedules and the terms of sale including price and free gift information were provided to viewers. The purpose of providing those pieces of information was to help consumers and viewers to enjoy both the fun content and to benefit from the best shopping experience.

Brian's Brighter Life

Brian's reliable product reviews and good communication skills won over consumers, leading to achieving a total order value of about 2.5 billion KRW during the seven days of the show’s broadcast from the 6th to the 13th. The figure is more than double that of the order value for “Beneficial Transactions,” CJ OnStyle's first-ever digital content commerce show, which launched last year (*작년 첫” 모호). Even in its first live commerce session on the 6th, “Brian's Brighter Life” recorded some 100,000 views as well as the highest ever on-broadcast order value in CJ OnStyle's history. It is thought that expectations raised with the pre-released YouTube content drew reactions from consumers. Young consumers in their 30s and early 40s accounted for more than 80% of all customers who made purchases, and the purchase rates for new and dormant customers (those who haven’t made a purchase for a long time) reached nearly 90%, indicating that the pre-released content was highly effective in drawing customers. Thanks to the increased consumer interest in CJ OnStyle due to “Brian's Brighter Life,” the related event “the Home Living Fair” also became successful enough to achieving a total order value of more than 6 billion KRW.

CJ OnStyle has achieved success after the digital transformation of its content commerce last year, e.g., “Beneficial Transactions,” and plans to turn series program like “Brian's Brighter Life” into intellectual property.

With the success of “Brian's Brighter Life,” following that of last year's “Beneficial Transactions,” many opine that CJ OnStyle's content commerce is successfully transitioning to digital. In the past, CJ OnStyle kept planning content commerce that was tied in with TV dramas or entertainment shows. Lately, however, the company has been actively expanding content commerce that is tied with YouTube-live commerce in keeping with the recent changes in the media viewing and consumption patterns of viewers and customers. This year, CJ OnStyle plans to release a follow-up live commerce franchise and others by turning “Brian's Brighter” into intellectual property.

CJ OnStyle is speeding up the strengthening of its digital content and live commerce competitiveness and plans to provide consumers with distinct value through the creation of synergy and the utilization of its unrivaled broadcasting and distribution infrastructure.

A CJ OnStyle official said, “CJ OnStyle is speeding up the strengthening of our digital content and mobile live commerce competitiveness based on our age-old production capabilities. Through capability-based synergy and the utilization of CN ENM’s own matchless broadcasting and distribution infrastructure, we will provide consumers with value that is distinct from other companies’ live commerce services.”