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“Fundraising on TV and through live streaming,” CJ OnStyle’s ‘Order Love’ broadcast frequency surpasses 200 times


CJ OnStyle’s fundraising TV show ‘Order Love’ recently aired its 200th episode. The goal is to take the lead with contactless donation and volunteering culture through ‘Order Love’ and the recently launched live commerce donation show.

CJ OnStyle’s TV home shopping channel fundraising show ‘Order Love’ recently aired its 200th episode, with the total collection reaching 6 billion KRW.

CJ OnStyle’s fundraising show ‘Order Love’ (left) has been on the air since 2004 and CJ OnStyle’s live commerce donation show (right).

▶ CJ OnStyle’s fundraising show ‘Order Love’ (left) has been on the air since 2004 and CJ OnStyle’s live commerce donation show (right).

‘Order Love’ is a fundraising show through which viewers can easily make a phone call to register for monthly donations. CJ OnStyle has been airing this show every week for 19 years since 2004. The show’s aim is to provide a public service as a broadcasting business operator that has a major influence in disseminating information. Since 2016, CJ OnStyle has been encouraging more people to participate in donating for the underprivileged by connecting the show to the ‘Together’ service on the mobile app ‘KakaoTalk’.

Helping the underprivileged contact-free by aligning a TV show with mobile/web platforms, boosting the donation/volunteering culture, which has diminished due to COVID-19.

The 200th episode special of ‘Order Love,’ which aired on the 24th last month, introduced ‘Jimin’ who has congenital malformation and a single mother named Areum. Featuring comedian LeeSeong-mi, the episode showed a clip of Areum juggling her part-time work at a grilled meat restaurant and childcare and asked the viewers for support. Areum is a 24-year-old single mother looking after not only Jimin but also her sick father and little sister. The viewers can continue to participate with donations even after the show through the ‘Kakao Together’ collection box or the Hope Bridge website.

A mobile live commerce donation show that was recently launched for regular streaming to help the underprivileged with social enterprises.

CJ OnStyle has also recently launched a mobile live commerce donation show. The first episode was intended to help the single mothers to live independently and aired on the 23rd of last month in collaboration with Korea Food for the Hungry International. Popular brands of sponsoring companies as well as handmade soap from ‘Spring B Salon’ (independent living center for single mothers) carried out by ‘Sharing Happiness’, a foundation from ‘Korea Food for the Hungry International’, are sold, with parts of the proceeds being donated back to ‘Spring B Salon’. The sponsoring company for the first episode was ‘Wellage’, and for the second episode, it was ‘I'MELE’. Comedian KimHyun-sook also made an appearance to help out. CJ OnStyle also plans on carrying out regular live commerce donation streaming events for the underprivileged.

“CJ OnStyle uses the company’s major resources, such as TV shows and mobile live commerce, to help those in need,” said Lim Jae-hong in charge of strategic support at CJ OnStyle. “We’re going to fulfill our social role and responsibility and promote ESG management by carrying out various other CSR activities.”