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TVING Original brings two Korean stars back to life


TVING Original (directed by Lee Sun-woo, Kwon Ye-jin, Lee Woo-hyeon, presented by TVING, produced by JTBC FACTUAL, Cactus Media) released the main poster before the exclusive airing of the show on the 28th.


The poster has captured the most glorious moments of the two artists onstage. The images of these two artists performing when they were alive fill their outlined figures in the form of a collage. Looking as if they could come back alive any minute, the images of these two artists give an overwhelming emotion with the words, “Meeting them once again.”

has already built anticipation among viewers with the short teaser that was released last week. The teaser has captured the attention of the press and critics as well as the public, showing a glimpse of Ulala Session’s performance as a whole and the release of Yoo Jae-ha’s new song.

Now unveiled, TVING Original is creating a sensation with the news about bringing back the late legendary stars Yoo Jae-ha and Ulala Session Lim Yoon-taek with AI and by showing a preview of their new performances reproduced by XR Music Stage. The performance of Ulala Session as a whole, reunited after 8 years, and the performance of Yoo Jae-ha’s new release after 35 years will definitely be a deep consolation and an unforgettable memory for their families and fans who have missed them so much, while also providing a special, overwhelming experience for the public.

Hosted by Kim Jung-eun and featuring top singers in Korea, such as Lee Seung-chul, Big Mama, Sweet Sorrow, Ulala Session, Kim Na-young, Whee In, and MeloMance, XR Music Stage TVING Original will be released on TVING starting Friday, January 28.

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– Title: TVING Original
– Starring: Yoo Jae-ha, Lim Yoon-taek (Ulala Session)
– Directed by: Lee Sun-woo, Song Kwan-seop, Kwon Ye-jin, Lee Woo-hyeon

– Presented by: TVING

– Produced by: JTBC FACTUAL, Cactus Media – Released: January 28 (Friday), 2022