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CJ Donors Camp Dream Building Academy Wins the Porter Prize for Excellence in CSV in the Project Effectiveness Category


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The CJ Donors Camp’s Dream Building Academy supporting aspiring young people!

Where anyone can apply for admission as long as they have a ‘dream’ and ‘passion’, regardless of their academic or career background!

The Dream Building Academy won a very special award!

It received the Porter Prize for Excellence in Creating Shared Value (CSV) in the Project Effectiveness category, which marks its eighth anniversary this year.

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To give you a brief background on the CSV Porter Prize, it is a set of prizes presented by Professor Michael Porter of Harvard University, a renowned figure in management strategy, to companies and agencies that have driven CSV initiatives under his name. Winners are selected through rigorous evaluation conducted by the Screening Committee together with the final assessment being provided by Professor Porter.

Here, CJ Donors Camp’s Dream Building Academy was seen to fit the original intentions of CSV as they create both economic and social value at the same time by hiring school graduates and thus received the Porter Prize for Project Effectiveness.

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For those who are not familiar with the Dream Building Academy, it is a school that was founded in 2017 to provide vocational education for young people in cooking, food services, and production specialist categories while also offering specialized job training in connection with job opportunities at CJ Group companies. Today, it became one of the leading social contribution programs in the country that helps graduates become self-sufficient. Between 2017 and 2021, a total of 296 people graduated from the program, while 82% of those found jobs in CJ Group subsidiaries like Freshway and Foodville.

Considering the social effectiveness that is created, including the budget spent for four years between 2017 and 2021 and the number of people who got hired, the Dream Building Academy’s social value creation effect adds up to KRW 50.1 billion. This means that the academy created social value that tops KRW 11.3 billion just this year.

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The reason why the Dream Building Academy was able to boost its CSV performance was the organic collaboration between the CJ Donors Camp and relevant departments in each of the CJ Group companies, and also because employees in different companies and celebrities from various sectors participated in the vocational training and offered mentoring to students to raise their morale!

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The Dream Building Academy will not settle for the current situation, despite being elated with the Porter Prize, and will continue to provide systematic support to young people so that they can become one step closer to their goals based on CJ’s philosophy on social contribution, “Poverty must not be passed down because of a lack of educational opportunities. A company must become a true friend of young people and support their dreams.

That is not all, the Dream Building Academy will continue the education program online through digital infrastructure amidst the pandemic to carry on activities that fulfil the dreams of marginalized children, teenagers and young people.

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Hope all of you reading this blog and supporters of the CJ Donors Camp will join the effort!

We’d appreciate it if you could show your love and support to CJ Donors Camp as we continue to commit ourselves to support young people’s dreams as their true friend!!!