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CJ ENM selects 6 '2021 Visionaries' as people who proposed visions for Korean and global entertainment

CJ ENM selects 6 '2021 Visionaries' as people who proposed visions for Korean and global entertainment

CJ ENM (CEO Hosung Kang) announced the "2021 Visionaries", people who had led major trends and contributed to changes and innovation in the Korean entertainment industry.

CJ ENM presented visions with three key phrases that capture the essence of this year's entertainment industry, "expanded universe", "hyper entertainmentism", and "empathy for coexistence"

CJ ENM selects 6 2021 Visionaries as people

The Visionary Award, which marks its second anniversary this year, is the one and only award in Korea that highlights great figures who have proposed visions for the industry. The award selects trend keywords that best represent the year's entertainment industry, including broadcasting, film, music, and performance, and announces visionaries who have greatly contributed to promoting such keywords. CJENM has the ambition to develop the award into an authoritative indicator of the global entertainment industry just like the Time’s 100 Most Influential.

The 2021 Visionary defined this year's entertainment industry as a Human Centric Metaverse and selected 6 visionaries who had been the most relevant to this year's keywords, △"expanded universe", which has immersed the entire world in content by blurring boundaries between space and time as well as the real world and virtual world; △"hyper entertainmentism", which has changed the definition of entertainment by breaking the existing formula of entertainment shows; and △"empathy for coexistence", which has helped people realize the value of being together in the midst of the pandemic. The final visionaries were chosen not only by CJ ENM employees but also experts, such as culture columnists and trend specialists who participated in a total of 4 rounds of review sessions to give the award authority and objectivity.

6 iconic figures including Yeo-jung Yoon, Aespa and Dong-hyuk Hwang were selected for their contributions to leading changes and innovation at home and abroad this year.

The first person selected was actress Yeo-jung Yoon who won the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 93rd Academy Awards and sent the true value of humanity to the entire world through her recent film . Director Dong-hyuk Hwang was also selected as a visionary for creating a global phenomenon with his Netflix series and elevating the status of K-content by entertaining so many people around the world regardless of their nationality, culture and platform with his work demonstrating Korea's unique sentiment.

Entertainer Jae-seok Yoo was once again selected as a visionary following last year in recognition of his success in entertainment shows, including , and , proving that he is an irreplaceable creator in the Korean entertainment world. Jung-nam Choi, a producer of , had his name listed by presenting a fresh vision after making a minor TV show material "street dance" a momentous success. He has also created a dance syndrome by showing how female dancers mentored and cared for each other even amid their harsh competition.

BTS, a globally successful boyband who won 4 Billboard Music Awards as well as Artist of the Year at the American Music Award, was also listed, now for 2 consecutive years, by expanding its fandom through the group’s positive influence with music. Aespa, a girl group, was also selected in recognition of presenting a new possibility to the music industry by creating a new fandom culture with its unique avatar-based view of the world and blurring boundaries between global music fans.

"We will pioneer the next world of entertainment together with figures who can present visions and empathize with the spirit of the times"

Yeon-jae Si from CJ ENM's Brand Strategy Division said, "2021 was the year in which K-content achieved greater success than ever in the global markets of film, drama and music, which ultimately elevated the status and power of K-culture. CJ ENM will continue to challenge and innovate itself to pioneer the next entertainment world with influential creators who empathize with the spirit of the times and present great visions even amid major changes in content production and consumption brought about by the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic."

CJ ENM plans to unveil documentary and interview clips in December starring this year's visionaries and to highlight the meaning and achievements of the visionaries as well as their influence on the entertainment industry.

Previous key phrases for the 2020 Visionary Award include "hyper connection", "minority on top" and "ambivalence" while the selected visionaries included screenwriters Eun-hee Kim, producer Tae-ho Kim, screenwriter Ji-eun Park, singer BTS, director Joon-ho Bong, singer Blackpink, actor /singer Rain, actor Kang-ho Song, producer Won-ho Shin and entertainer Jae-seok Yoo.