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CJ Logistics marks pavements with Yellow Footprints to remind children going to school to stop before crossing the road


“Stop before crossing the road”

Set up along with stop lines and school zone signs at 30 school zone crosswalks in Gunpo

CJ Logistics is marking the pavement with Yellow Footprints at a school zone in Gunpo.

▶ CJ Logistics is marking the pavement with Yellow Footprints at a school zone in Gunpo.

CJ Logistics is set out to keep children safe as they make their way to school and back by marking the pavements with Yellow Footprints at school zone crosswalks in Gunpo, Gyeonggi-do.

CJ Logistics is setting up Yellow Footprints to prevent traffic accidents at 30 school zone crosswalks, such as outside nurseries and elementary schools, in Gunpo with Good Neighbors. This process will be carried out step by step in collaboration with Gunpo City Hall and Gunpo Police Station until next month.

Signs to make pedestrians stop voluntarily when waiting for the signal to change at a crosswalk, helping children to develop proper traffic safety habits

Yellow Footprints are footprint stickers that are attached on both sides of the sidewalk about 1m away from the road so that children can maintain a safe distance when waiting for the crosswalk signal to change. The footprints stimulate children’s curiosity leading them to pause voluntarily or encouraging them to look both ways and maintain a safe distance from the road, thereby helping them develop proper traffic safety habits. The vivid yellow stands out and captures their attention. The stickers have also been made with non-slip material for further increased safety.

CJ Logistics also set up yellow stop lines for pedestrians, along with school zone signs for drivers to see in order to prevent traffic accidents. CJ Logistics will set up 60 Yellow Footprints on both sides of 30 school zone crosswalks in Gunpo by next month with its employees, Good Neighbors, Green Mothers' Society, and volunteers in Gunpo.

“Hopefully, these Yellow Footprints provide a safe road environment for the local children and prevent traffic accidents,” said an official at CJ Logistics. “We plan to develop various forms of traffic safety campaigns for win-win growth with the communities where our business sites are located.”

CJ Logistics has continuously been holding traffic safety campaigns since 2017. The company is striving to create a safe traffic environment by holding the Safe Speed 5030 campaign to encourage drivers to follow the revised safe speed, by attaching reflective tape on trucks to prevent accidents at night, and distributing traffic safety supplies to elementary schools near logistics centers. (The end)