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CJ Bibigo enters a marketing partnership with the LA Lakers, taking a leap as a global megabrand


CJ’s Korean food brand Bibigo will be a partner of the LA Lakers (NBA) in an effort to promote the brand to fans around the world.

CJ CheilJedang announced on the 22nd that it had entered a global marketing partnership with the LA Lakers. As the first “global partner” of the team, CJ CheilJedang will be carrying out marketing activities using various assets of the Lakers all over the world in addition to featuring its brand logo on the Lakers jerseys.

This partnership was first offered by the LA Lakers. “We offered this partnership, impressed by CJ’s vision as a global leading lifestyle company and by its global sports marketing activities,” said LA Lakers COO Tim Harris. Known to be particular about choosing its sponsors, the LA Lakers is in partnerships with about 30 companies. This is a very small number considering that NBA teams usually have more than 100 sponsors on average.

This is also a good opportunity for CJ CheilJedang, which has been accelerating global market expansion with Bibigo. The LA Lakers is the strongest and most loved basketball team around the world. They have 280 million global fans in North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America, which is more than 11 times the average of all NBA teams, with 120 million Chinese fans taking up the biggest portion. In addition, the team’s social media account has 60 million followers, which is more than the South Korean population. Seventy percent of their fans are Generation MZ, showing that the team is also attracting interest from the young generation.

CJ CheilJedang plans to develop Bibigo into a global megabrand by carrying out various marketing activities together with the LA Lakers. The market share of Mandu has already surpassed 40% in the US and is driving CJ CheilJedang’s food sales there at the top. The sales in Europe and Asia have also increased by 22% in the second quarter year on year. With the rapid growth of the food business worldwide, the company aims to secure higher market status and awareness than Nestle and Kraft through aggressive marketing activities.

LA Lakers jersey featuring the Bibigo logo

▶ LA Lakers jersey featuring the Bibigo logo

With the partnership, CJ CheilJedang will be able to continuously display the Bibigo brand logo on the LA Lakers team uniform and home arena Staples Center. The company will also carry out various activities to promote Bibigo on digital platforms owned by LA Lakers by releasing products featuring the logo and holding online and offline marketing events.

“This partnership with the LA Lakers is a collaboration between ‘global culture icons’ of food and sports, and it is sure to be a significant milestone for Bibigo to become a world-renowned food brand,” said Wookho Kyeong, Vice President of the Marketing Department at CJ CheilJedang. “We will communicate with consumers and improve the brand value with sports as the common global language.”