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CJ Logistics launches Orange Delivery, creating jobs for women returning from career breaks


CJ Logistics kicked off a new line of delivery business called Orange Delivery, which is dedicated to women who had taken a career break from their jobs and are now returning to work. This is another job model from CJ Logistics promoting mutual growth with local communities, following Silver Delivery for seniors, and Blue Delivery for people with disabilities.

CJ Logistics confirmed the sustainability of the model through a pilot delivery service that began last December, and opened a center in an LH apartment in the 2nd New Town in Dongtan on September 9

Orange Delivery workers at CJ Logistics

▶ Orange Delivery workers at CJ Logistics

CJ Logistics held an opening ceremony for a new Orange Delivery center at a Community Center, 35th LH Apartment Complex in the second Dongtan New Town on September 9. The event was attended by nine companies and government agencies including, CJ Logistics, Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH) Gyeonggi Office, Happy Orange, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi Province Self-Sufficiency Center, Hwaseong Regional Self-Sufficiency Center, LH 35th Complex Management Office, Hwaseong Social Economy Network, and Hwaseong Social Economy Center.

Women on a career break are hired as couriers, ensuring job security by providing over 5,000 packages monthly

Orange Delivery is the last mile service where female couriers who have returned to work after a career break bring packages that are delivered to the delivery center in an apartment complex to people’s homes. Unlike the conventional delivery system where delivery drivers pick up parcels from fulfillment centers and take them to a customer’s doorstep, Orange Delivery ships the packages dropped into delivery centers located in different service zones to an individual consumer’s home. The deliverers only need to work inside an apartment complex, so they move a relatively shorter distance, meaning the labor intensity is also comparatively lower than typical delivery jobs. They are also able to create a steady income stream. Orange Delivery works in the same way as the Silver Delivery and the Blue Delivery business models that have now become stabilized services.

For the Orange Delivery that services the entire 1,768 households within the 35th LH complex in the second Dongtan New Town, four women are working as deliverers who are currently living in the apartment or a nearby LH apartment complex. The service has now built a stable system after nine months of pilot operation starting in December last year. Currently, each worker ships 1,300 packages a month to each home on average.

CJ Logistics supplies a stable flow of packages based on the largest logistics infrastructure in the nation for Orange Service, while LH Gyeonggi Office provides delivery centers to store packages dropped off from fulfillment centers in cooperation with the apartment management offices. Happy Orange, a service provider, is responsible for the management of and support for orange deliverers so the ladies can offer a high-quality service to the customers. Happy Orange is a company that promotes self-sufficiency of low-income groups and is in a process of being converted into a preliminary social enterprise by the end of this year.

For these job models that have been developed for the mutual benefit of the company and the local community, CJ Logistics is offering names inspired by different colors. Silver Delivery, taken from the color silver that represents senior citizens, Blue Delivery derived from the color blue, which signifies hope and self-support, and lastly, Orange Delivery from the color orange symbolizing independence and adventure. CJ Logistics chose orange in support of the new challenge and the new beginning of the women who had previously left their place of work and were now making a career come back.

Myung-hee Jang, aged 46, an Orange Delivery worker said, “I was having a hard time finding a job after a long career break, so I’m grateful that I was given the opportunity to work again. As a part of the Orange Delivery team, I will work with responsibility thinking that I bring happiness to my neighbors.”

CJ Logistics plans to increase the number of courier projects that create quality jobs for mutual growth with the local communities. A CJ Logistics representative said, “Based on the success from the 35th LH complex in the second Dongtan New Town, we will also expand the Orange Delivery service to neighboring apartment complexes. We plan to continue taking the lead in ESG management that creates sustainable jobs centered around our major business areas to underprivileged groups.”