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CJ ONSTYLE Leads the Eco Packaging Together Campaign Aimed at Cutting Down Wasteful Packaging

CJ ONSTYLE Leads the Eco Packaging Together Campaign Aimed at Cutting Down Wasteful Packaging

CJ ONSTYLE launched its Eco Packaging Together campaign to prevent overpackaging with affiliates on the occasion of Resource Circulation Day on September 6, 2021. Having started last year, CJ ONSTYLE has raised awareness on sustainable packaging through its Eco Packaging Together campaign targeting consumers and suppliers. This is part of the Reduction in distribution and packaging materials and proper separation of transportation and packaging materials project by the Ministry of Environment.

CJ ONSTYLE provides packaging guidelines to suppliers on the Day of Resource Circulation

 Packaging for directly purchased goods replacing items from plastic to eco-friendly paper tape

▶ CJ ONSTYLE conducts enhanced its Eco Packaging Together campaign against excessive packaging. Photo: A part of the packing manual delivered to affiliates.

CJ ONSTYLE plans to encourage suppliers to join in with the effort to cut down on waste by reaffirming the optimal packaging specifications and guidelines. In addition, it aims to gradually replace the plastic tape with sustainable paper tape starting in September for directly purchased products and products delivered from centers and to complete the transition this year.

The company has mounted the Eco Packaging Together campaign geared to improving packing practices and encouraging the separation of waste

CJ ONSTYLE is providing packing guidelines to suppliers for the first time in the distribution industry in an effort to unify boxing specifications including space ratios and to prevent excessive packaging. Setting a standard packing guideline will naturally reduce overpackaging and thus take one step closer to a more sustainable environment. Goods that are prone to break, such as cosmetics, glass containers and kitchen appliances, and goods that are less prone to damage like textiles and accessories are separated and have different guidelines that are applied to them for space ratio and the amount of packaging needed. The guidelines also specify the use of sustainable packing materials, including paper tape and paper cushioning. Currently, about 9,000 SME suppliers are taking part in the move, and CJ ONSTYLE is set to continue encouraging more suppliers to take part in the campaign.

In addition, CJ ONSTYLE introduced Easy Open Tape, which helps consumers separate and dispose of waste products, in June this year. It has also provided directions on how to separate and discard waste via the Kakao Talk messaging app, text messages and by putting them on delivery boxes to further promote the campaign.

CJ ENM establishes the ESG Committee to start ESG-centric management activities vowing to fulfill the corporate social responsibility

Jae-hong Im, Director of Customer Service at CJ ONSTYLE said, “CJ ONSTYLE is actively encouraging our customers and suppliers through diverse activities, including a campaign to revamp packaging practices and separating waste to help recycle resources. As corporate management centered around environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) has begun in full swing, we aim to faithfully fulfill our corporate social responsibility.”

CJ ONSTYLE is the first in the industry to introduce sustainable paper fillers, instead of plastic bubble wraps, cooling packages, and paper hanger boxes. It is also the first in the TV home shopping sector to adopt the Eco Tapeless Box, and 100% paper packing materials. Moreover, the company preemptively introduced delivery boxes with handles to enhance convenience for delivery workers, and Easy Open Tape, which is easy to remove from delivery boxes to help consumers separate tape from the box more easily. Since adopting Eco Tape-free boxes, CJ ONSTYLE has managed to reduce as much as 38.9 tons of plastic waste until today.