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CJ Logistics’ consolidated U.S. subsidiary achieves the feat of receiving successive awards for its advanced logistics services


CJ Logistics America, CJ Logistics’ consolidated U.S., is continuing its streak of winning awards in the US logistics market based on its distinguished logistics capabilities.

CJ Logistics America has won the “Quest for Quality Award' for 2 consecutive years from Logistics Management, an authoritative U.S. logistics magazine.

Screenshot of the website of CJ Logistics’ consolidated U.S. subsidiary

▶ Screenshot of the website of CJ Logistics’ consolidated U.S. subsidiary, which has won an award in the third-party logistics category the 2021 Quest for Quality Awards

On the 24th, CJ Logistics announced that its consolidated U.S. subsidiary, CJ Logistics America, had won an award in the subcategory of value-added management and distribution solution in the third-party logistics category at the 2021 Quest for Quality Awards, hosted by authoritative U.S. logistics magazine, Logistics Management.

The Quest for Quality Awards is given by the dedicated U.S. logistics magazine, Logistics Management to companies that have operated logistics services in a stable manner and that have also provided exemplary customer service. Celebrating its 38th anniversary this year, the Quest for Quality Awards selects excellent companies by evaluating their logistics IT technology, fulfillment performance capabilities, infrastructure, and customer satisfaction levels for six months through surveys of subscribers and logistics partners around the world. CJ Logistics America, having achieved an above-average score, made it onto the list of award-winning companies alongside world-leading logistics companies such as DHL and FEDEX. Logistics Management, the host of the Quest for Quality Awards, is a monthly magazine founded in 1962 that has earned its authoritative position in the logistics industry through the continuous promotion of the value of the logistics industry.

CJ Logistics America has been recognized as a force in the U.S., the world's center of Logistics, through the demonstration of its stable logistics operation capabilities and high service quality.

Among the various evaluation items, CJ Logistics America scored highest for the items concerning customer satisfaction levels and value-added management. By increasing its logistics efficiency using cutting-edge technology, the company was deemed as having reduced costs for its clients as well as having maximized customer satisfaction. CJ Logistics America, which has now won the category for two consecutive years following the same feat last year, is recognized for its logistics operation capabilities and high service quality in the U.S. market.

CJ Logistics America's CCO Kevin Coleman said, “We are committed to increasing our customers’ logistics capabilities and helping them change and grow so that they can innovate their business processes. Our goal is to ensure that more customers continue to use logistics services as a competitive edge.”

CJ Logistics America was also recently named a “2021 Green Supply Chain Partner” by the dedicated U.S. Logistics magazine, Inbound Logistics, in recognition of its efforts in practicing ESG management. Furthermore, it also has recently made it onto the list of 2021 Top Green Providers published by dedicated food logistics magazine, Food Logistics, increasingly positioning itself as a leading company in green logistics.