CJ Logistics and A Twosome Place Jointly Build an Eco-friendly Circulation Logistics System, Embarking on the Road to Zero Carbon


CJ Logistics is set to operate an eco-friendly circulation logistics system that collects disposable plastic cups from Twosome Place locations, which were previously just thrown away after being used. The collected plastic cups will be upcycled into eco-friendly items.

Disposable plastic cups to be collected from A Twosome Place stores and upcycled into eco-friendly items by CJ Logistics

CJ Logistics collects disposable plastic cups that have been used at A Twosome Place.

▶ CJ Logistics collects disposable plastic cups that have been used at A Twosome Place.

CJ Logistics has announced that in conjunction with A Twosome Place, it will launch a “Disposable Plastic Cup Collection Campaign” on the 11th. The campaign, which will see CJ Logistics collect used disposable plastic cups – gathered and cleaned on-site – from A Twosome Place locations, will be carried out until the end of November at 50 directly managed A Twosome Place stores in the Seoul metropolitan area. The plastic cups collected through the cooperation of the two companies will then be delivered to social ventures, where they will be upcycled into eco-friendly items for sale, with all proceeds from the campaign being used for social contribution activities.

The disposable cup collecting campaign is the first project by the Carbon Zero Council, formed in July by CJ Logistics, A Twosome Place, and LocknLock. For the campaign, CJ Logistics and A Twosome Place have jointly built an eco-friendly circulation logistics system based on their existing logistics systems. This new system is designed so that CJ Logistics delivery vehicles that deliver ingredients and store supplies to A Twosome Place stores can collect plastic cups on their return to their distribution centers. In the process, A Twosome Place washes and dries the disposable plastic cups that have been used by customers at its locations and then stacks them in boxes. CJ Logistics in turn collects those plastic cups from A Twosome Place and stores them in a single distribution center. The stored plastic cups are then delivered to social ventures to be reborn as eco-friendly items that are useful in everyday life.

Of particular note about CJ Logistics’ eco-friendly circulation logistics system is that because it is an upgrade from supply logistics to “two-way circulation logistics,” where vehicles that make deliveries to stores also collect goods from the same stores, there is no need to use separate vehicles for collection, thereby resulting in decreased carbon emissions. In addition, because the system gathers waste plastics generated from individual stores in a single distribution center and then sends them to upcycling companies, it can also increase the efficiency of movement and storage.

An official from CJ Logistics said, “The direction of the Carbon ZERO Council is to pursue projects that can reduce carbon emissions by taking advantage of the characteristics and merits of our clients’ businesses based on CJ Logistics’ own capabilities. We plan to strengthen our ESG management, through which we engage in reducing carbon emissions, by forging partnerships with more companies through an expanded application of the circulation logistics system.”

Meanwhile, CJ Logistics continues to carry out eco-friendly campaigns to reduce carbon emissions. In March, the company produced 2,000 “ECO+ uniforms,” which were made with upcycled PET bottles, and supplied them to field workers, and in May, it also introduced into its work sites 300 “Carbon Zero” pallets, which were made of waste plastics provided for free by LocknLock. Moreover, since June, the company has been carrying out a “Green Map Campaign”, which aims to create urban forests that can act as natural carbon sinks in city centers.