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Leading ESG management with a commitment to shared growth and environmental friendliness, CJ ONSTYLE launches Semisysco through its commission-free home shopping program

Leading ESG management with a commitment to shared growth and environmental friendliness, CJ ONSTYLE launches Semisysco through its commission-free home shopping program

CJ ONSTYLE (President Heo Min-ho) is launching the mini 2-person electric vehicle . This product is the winner of CJ ONSTYLE’s shared growth program ‘Challenge! Startups’ and will be showcased on the commission-free home shopping program ‘One Company, One Masterpiece’.

The winner of CJ ONSTYLE’s startup incubation program, Semisysco EV Z is being launched on the commission-free home shopping program ‘One Company, One Masterpiece’

쎄미시스코 전기자동차 판매 홈쇼핑 장면

CJ ONSTYLE highly evaluated this EV for its marketability and technology, and subsequently chose it as the winner of its SME and startup incubation program ‘Challenge! Startups’ and will award the company a grant of 30 million won. CJ ONSTYLE has been selling electric vehicles, an eco-friendly means of transportation that suits its ESG management policy, since before demand for EVs began to increase. In 2018, the company launched two mini EV models, from Daechang Motors and from Renault Samsung, for the first time via domestic home shopping channels. The company intends to lead the popularization of EVs in Korea, and thus launched its first special program for long-term EV rental this April. CJ ONSTYLE is also planning to launch Semisysco EV Z.

The only mini EV model in Korea available for expressways - good affordability with the various benefits of EV

CJ ONSTYLE will showcase the EV model on its T-commerce channel CJ ONSTYLE PLUS on 21st at 5:15am. The product will be aired on the commission-free show ‘One Company, One Masterpiece’ five times in total: on 21 (launching), 22, 25, 26 and 27. The show will be aired as many as five times during the week in an effort to meet the purpose of ‘Challenge! Startups’ and ‘One Company, One Masterpiece’ to help promising SMEs to find a market for their products. Depending on the customer response, the model may appear on the live TV channel as well.

The EV Z is the only domestic mini EV model that can run on expressways. It can be charged simply with home 220V power and can run up to 150 kilometers per charge. The smartphone key function also makes it easy to manage the car. The EV Z is a hatchback model (which does not have a conventional trunk and has a rear door that swings upward) with up to 8 years warranty available at 520 Auto Oasis repair shops across the country. Being both practical and affordable, the model ranked top in domestic mini EV sales (based on Jan to May 2021). The EV grant itself provides up to about 12 million won, among other benefits, including a reduction in auto tax, public parking/toll fee, also make it more affordable.

Supporting SMEs to find a market and promoting green consumption at the same time - Leading the popularization of EVs and strengthening its ESG management

“CJ ONSTYLE’s shared growth program discovers excellent products and provides them with opportunities to be aired, thereby boosting both sales and brand awareness,” said Lee Ho-beom, outreach business manager, CJ ONSTYLE. “We will spur our ESG management by actively supporting innovative products of SMEs to be successful in the market.”

‘Challenge! Startups’ is a shared growth program belonging to CJ ONSTYLE and is designed to support the entire initial commercialization process of startups and SMEs. CJ ONSTYLE is working with Seoul Startup Hub to offer consulting on prototyping and mass production as well as general business tips. The final winner of the program will be given an opportunity to be aired on CJ ONSTYLE channel. ‘One Company, One Masterpiece’ is a commission-free home shopping program run by CJ ONSTYLE. The program has been helping domestic SMEs to find a market for their products since 2012. This year, marking its 10th anniversary, it exceeded 20 billion won in total amount of orders. The cumulative time of all the commission-free programs aired by CJ ONSTYLE, including ‘One Rural Community, One Masterpiece’, the industry’s first commission-free broadcast program for rural enterprises, is currently around more than 2,000 hours.