CJ Logistics’ Consolidated U.S. Subsidiary Named 'Green Supply Chain Partner,' Proving Itself as a Leader in ESG Management


The efforts of CJ Logistics America, CJ Logistics’ consolidated U.S. subsidiary, practicing ESG management are being recognized in the US logistics market.

CJ Logistics America has been named as “2021 Green Supply Chain Partner” by renowned U.S. logistics magazine Inbound Logistics.

CJ Logistics America employees pose for a photo.

▶ CJ Logistics America employees pose for a photo.

CJ Logistics announced on the 20th that its consolidated U.S. subsidiary, CJ Logistics America, had made U.S. logistics magazine Inbound Logistics' list of green supply chain partners for 2021.

Each year Inbound Logistics selects 75 exemplary companies that have built a sustainable global supply chain and practice society- and eco-friendly logistics operations, naming them “Green Supply Chain Partners.” Among the companies selected this year, a number of renowned global logistics companies such as DHL, UPS, and Fedex were included with CJ Logistics America standing shoulder to shoulder with them on the list.

CJ Logistics America received high praise for continuously coming up with sustainable management projects through partnerships with clients. CJ Logistics America sets its own indicators and manages performance in the six categories of electricity, natural gas, propane, water, recycling and waste. In addition, the company reduces carbon emissions by measuring and managing energy usage at its business locations across the United States and establishing an optimized network through regular client consulting.

Inbound Logistics rated CJ Logistics America highly, especially for its reduction of overall travel distance by transporting delivery packages from multiple clients with a single destination in shared trucks. Transporting delivery packages via shared trucks is an exemplary green logistics practice case that not only reduces costs for clients through increased logistics efficiency but also reduces carbon emissions.

CJ Logistics America CEO Ed Bowersox said, “One of the basic principles of CJ Logistics America is to become a company that contributes to society, and we pursue sustainable growth through collaboration with clients, employees, partners and local communities. We are working hard to make a positive impact in various areas, including the economy, society and the environment.”

CJ Logistics America CEO Ed Bowersox has been named a “2021 Logistics Rainmaker” by dedicated American logistics magazine DC Velocity in recognition of his logistics management capabilities.

To top it off, CJ Logistics America has made the list of “2021 Top Green Providers” published by US food logistics magazine Food Logistics, proving itself as a leader in green logistics.