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launches ‘Sustainability Committee’


CJ CheilJedang has established a Sustainability Committee within the board of directors to promote ESG (environmental, social, and governance) management.

Approves management strategies and directions related to ESG as the highest decision-making body on sustainability within the board of directors

As the highest decision-making body on sustainability, the Committee is comprised of five members including CEO Eun Seok Choi and four outside directors, with a sustainability executive (Gil-geun Jeong, Vice President of Communication Department) also participating as the administrative secretary. The Committee inspects the company’s sustainability strategies and directions by discovering and determining various issues related to ESG and reviews and approves relevant performance and improvement plans. The Sustainability Council will be formed under the Committee with CEO Eun Seok Choi as the chairperson, with the support of the Sustainability Team, which was newly established this year to be fully responsible for ESG.

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▶ CJ CheilJedang Sustainability Governance image

The launch of this Committee is accelerating CJ CheilJedang’s fulfillment of the virtuous cycle of ‘nature to nature’ that brings nature to the consumer’s table, and then returns it from whence it came. The top-priority goal of CJ CheilJedang is to create two core shared values of ‘health and safety’ and a ‘sustainable environment’.

The Sustainability Committee will be discussing and performing various tasks such as 1) implementing green energy and achieving carbon neutrality, 2) recycling resources, such as packaging materials, and developing biodegradable technology, 3) pursuing human rights management and creating an organizational culture that embraces diversity, 4) developing products to promote the health and nutrition of customers, 5) establishing a sustainable supply chain, and 6) creating a preemptive legal/ethical risk management system (compliance management system, etc.). CJ CheilJedang also recently developed biodegradable plastic ‘PHA’ and became the first in the world to apply it to its products, in the constant effort to reduce the use of plastic.

“Based on our management philosophy of ‘Business Patriotism’, we will do our utmost to establish a sustainability system that can be trusted by all our consumers, shareholders, and other stakeholders.” said an official at CJ CheilJedang.