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Olive Young Introduces its Personalized Health Functional Food Recommendation Solution, Targeted Right at the Health-conscious MZ Generation


#Yoon-jeon Kim (age 27), in the second year of her career, takes health functional foods every morning. While making sure she takes what’s known to be good for health including lactobacillus and vitamin C, she has however been experiencing chronic fatigue and cumulated stress recently. She accessed the Olive Young app to use its personalized health functional food recommendation solution and find out what works for her. After a 3-minute self-survey, she was recommended milk thistle and multivitamins, which she ordered right away.

Personalized Health Functional Food Recommendation Service on Mobile App, based on the Partnership with “Vi-meal” by Wiseselection

An MZ generation consumer using the personalized health functional food recommendation service on the Olive Young mobile app

▶ An MZ generation consumer using the personalized health functional food recommendation service on the Olive Young mobile app

The Korea Health Supplements Association reported that last year’s Korean health functional food market size was valued at around KRW 5 trillion. The steady growth of this sector led by the “self-medication” trend scaled up even more as the user pool expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the MZ generation, in particular, the idea of “managing health” has become “investing in oneself”, which has seen the age of health functional food consumers be lowered considerably. According to CJ Olive Young, the sales amount for health functional food among those in their 20s and 30s last year showed a 32% YoY increase.

To stay in line with such consumer trends, Olive Young announced on April 5 the launch of its personalized health functional food recommendation service on its mobile app in partnership with Vi-meal (Wiseselection), a data-driven health solution platform. Having set forth its ambition last year to double its health functional food sales by 2023, Olive Young is now planning to target the health-conscious MZ generation and further foster its business in the health sector.

Aimed at Heightening Health Functional Food Expertise. Ideal Product Recommendations for Individual Health Conditions Through a 3-Minute Self-Survey

Vi-meal is a self-survey-based health functional food recommendation platform developed by Wiseselection. They provide specialized individual recommendation solutions using their exclusive development of a data-driven algorithm. To help the MZ generation use health functional food in a more appropriate way, Olive Young took forward the adoption of a service aimed at “expertise”. The tactic intends to match Olive Young’s diversity of products with a recommendation service tailored for individual health and lifestyle, and thereby achieve greater credibility.

The company implemented the service in its official mobile app, using V-meal’s data-driven algorithm. Users can access the service by logging into the app and then tapping the tab named “Find the health functional food you need”.

Basic information including gender and age should be provided, followed by answers to ten questions on health concerns, eating habits and preferred type of health functional food. Then, the service will recommend the best product considering the nutrients the user needs more of. There will be up to three products recommended according to key health concerns, with a short comment on the user’s health overall as well as advice on the nutrients and ingredients needed or recommended, all at a glance. The service is also designed with purchase convenience as products recommended by category (fatigue, immunity, stress, etc.) can be added directly to the cart.

Set to Reinforce the Health Sector This Year. “Aimed to Become a Leading Health Functional Food Shopping Platform with Product Diversity and Credibility”

Starting from the adoption of a personalized health functional food recommendation service, Olive Young is planning to focus on expanding its “Health Reload” campaign which started last year to strengthen their competitive edge in the health market. They will improve their monthly curation of health functional food with different themes while also continuing to expand their inner beauty portfolio by selling enzyme products favored by the MZ generation. Stores across the country will reshuffle the display formerly arranged by brand to be organized by functionality, to allow greater intuitiveness in the shopping experience. An official from Olive Young said, “We launched a personalized health functional food recommendation solution designed for the MZ generation, the next-generation key consumer group in the health functional food sector, to provide accurate information and enhance purchase convenience. Olive Young will lead the market growth as a trusted channel and as the easiest and fastest way to shop for health functional food as well as beauty products.”