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Over One Million Gourmet Premium Pizzas Sold within Two Months of Release


Three flavors of Gourmet Premium Pizza: Gourmet Napoli Margherita Pizza, Gourmet Roma Quattro Formaggi Pizza and Gourmet Barcelona Chili Gambas Pizza

▶Three flavors of Gourmet Premium Pizza: Gourmet Napoli Margherita Pizza, Gourmet Roma Quattro Formaggi Pizza and Gourmet Barcelona Chili Gambas Pizza

CJ CheilJedang’s Gourmet Premium Pizza is creating a new sensation in the frozen pizza market by selling over 1 million in quantity within two months of its debut, with its menu and taste that reach the same level of restaurants and delivery brands.

Gourmet Premium Pizza is a new product that was released in December 2020 by CJ CheilJedang, aimed to “propose a new standard of delicious pizza.” The development was based on the analysis of big data and a thorough consumer survey on the demands and points of dissatisfaction related to hard dough, not enough topping and a cliché menu. Schwan’s, an American peer with advanced manufacturing technology, provided consultation on dough mixing and process optimization.

The standout features of the product can be seen in the innovative differentiation of the four most important elements of pizza: dough, sauce, topping and cheese. 3-Step Fermentation Aging based on the company’s fermentation technology led to the creation of what is called the soft and chewy “breathable dough”. This is then topped with grated whole cheese, instead of processed cheese, to achieve better flavor, elasticity, and color.

The sauce became more savory by adopting the chefs’ way of adding fresh ingredients to their secret sauce recipe. Toppings such as mozzarella balls, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and cranberries were used whole to enrich the dishes. The decision to choose a thin dough instead of a pan pizza was led by consumer preference. This was an adaptation to recent eat-out trends. The Gourmet Barcelona Chili Gambas Pizza was an unprecedented menu variation in the existing frozen pizza market.

Consumers were quick to notice the know-how and efforts invested in the new releases. Purchase reviews and video reviews full of delight and positive responses followed one after another. Their responses were largely: “the dough was thin and chewy”, “menus items such as Chili Gambas and Quattro Formaggio are new”, “the cheese and toppings taste different”, “it is as fancy as eating at a restaurant”, “it’s better than eating out or delivery food” and more. They are trying the flavors and repurchasing the pizza. This fresh series is even invigorating the market.

The Korean frozen pizza market was on a rise in terms of size with KRW 83.5B in 2017 and KRW 94.3B in 2018 until the number dropped to KRW 67.6B in 2019, according to Nielsen Korea. The downfall was associated with a lack of manufacturing experience and technology resulting in poor quality taste compared to that of restaurants. However, sales bounced back to KRW 92B last year after the demand for convenience food increased as more people stayed home. This trend is expected to remain and the market size for frozen pizza is predicted to reach KRW 110B this year.

CJ CheilJedang is planning to focus on spreading the idea that “Gourmet Pizza = delicious pizza” and drive the market invigoration by doubling last year’s revenue. An official from the company explained, “Innovative R&D efforts in all elements of pizza including the dough, sauce, topping, and cheese performed through a thorough market research and consumer analysis worked for our customers,” They added, “We will focus on expanding our share in the market and driving the growth of this sector with our exclusive technology and trend-based taste and quality.”