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CJ CheilJedang, the first in the nation to be certified for the global standard on Compliance Management System


Relevant officials at the award ceremony for ISO 37301 certification at CJCheilJedang Center in Jung-gu, Seoul on January 13, 2021

▲Relevant officials at the award ceremony for ISO 37301 certification at CJCheilJedang Center in Jung-gu, Seoul on January 13, 2021

Seoul, South Korea, January 14, 2021 — CJ CheilJedang announced today that it had been certified for an international standard on Compliance Management System (ISO/DIS 37301) and became the first company in South Korea to have received the certification.

Compliance refers to the best practice designed to follow the laws and corporate ethics to prevent potential risks in advance and protect the company and employees by minimizing possible loss. The Compliance Management System (CMS) is an international standard established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that verifies corporate compliance in the global market with potential for various legal risks.

CJ CheilJedang received favorable reviews for having made continued efforts to set up and run a compliance system. In 2018, it formed a compliance team and has continued to hold annual compliance management committee meetings. In 2019, it signed a Retail Store Fair Trade Agreement for the first time in the food and beverage industry, making headway towards shared growth and co-prosperity. Last year, the company added a Code of Ethics section on its official webpage, taking proactive measures to build its ethical management system and corporate culture.

CJ CheilJedang is also undertaking various compliance activities abroad. Following the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) enforced in Europe in 2018, the company immediately reacted and reviewed whether its European office is complying with relevant laws and identified areas that needed improvements. When the Network Security Law was reinforced in China, it preemptively checked the security system of its Liaocheng Office and took the necessary actions to comply with the revised law to earn certification for being Security Rating Evaluated.

As CJ CheilJedang is now recognized for international standard on Compliance Management System, the company plans to enhance the effectiveness of its corporate compliance culture. Kim Joo-Seok, Legal Director, CJ CheilJedang said, “We have worked hard for years to earn international certification for our compliance and ethical management. We’ll continue to build a more transparent and ethical management system to become a leading food and bio company at the forefront of compliance management.”