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CJ Logistics’ efforts to lead eco-friendly logistics…now recognized by the UN as well


- Introducing CJ Logistics' eco-friendly logistics as an ESG best practice at the UN 'International Webinar on a Sustainable Private Sector’

- Taking the lead in environmental protection through eco-friendly logistics, e.g. the introduction of electric and hydrogen trucks and the development of plastic upcycling uniforms

- Its grade was raised to a level higher than last year to grade A in ‘ESG Evaluation and Grade Announcement'… Excellent evaluation in SDGBI, GRP, etc.

CJ Logistics

CJ Logistics' efforts to lead eco-friendly logistics, including the introduction of electric and hydrogen trucks and the development of plastic upcycling uniforms, have been recognized by the UN.

CJ Logistics announced on December 21 that CJ Logisgtics’ eco-friendly logistics was introduced as a representative ESG best practice on December 18 at the 'International Webinar on Sustainable Private Sector (SPS): Green and Responsible Practices' organized by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP).

This ‘International Seminar on a Sustainable Private Sector’ was held online in Bangkok, Thailand, and was jointly sponsored by the UN SDGs Association and the International Climate Bond Initiative (CBI)  at which they also gave presentations. The UN SDGs Association introduced major domestic companies' climate response, low-carbon cases, and plastic and petroleum material reduction cases, and announced CJ Logistics' eco-friendly logistics business for reducing carbon and plastics as a major ESG case to be noted in each country.

With the Paris Climate Change Agreement planned for January 2021, a number of ESG experts participated in the meeting. In particular, the results of this meeting are planned to be the main source of data for the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs' announcement of best practices planned for next year

CJ Logistics introduced 1t electric trucks for the first time in the parcel delivery industry in November. A total of four electric trucks were allocated to Gunpo, Gyeonggi-do and Ulsan, and EV charging stations were also installed. In May, CJ Logistics signed a business agreement with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Ministry of Environment, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport at the Okcheon Hub Terminal in Chungcheongbuk-do for a pilot project to supply hydrogen trucks. Starting in 2023, the courier trunk line vehicles and transport vehicles are set to be replaced with hydrogen trucks.

Recently, CJ Logistics started developing eco-friendly products through R&D with Art Impact, a social enterprise. It is striving to take the lead in protecting the global environment by developing uniforms and items made of new materials using high-strength functional fibers recycled from plastics and upcycling materials.

The UN ESCAP mentioned that if the private sector saves 1% of energy in the Asia-Pacific region, up to 576.7 million tons of resources can be saved. It then emphasized that its value reached $269 billion (approximately KRW291,6975 trillion), and that global leading ESG companies can take the lead in economic recovery after COVID-19.

“CJ Logistics is working hard to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN and the international community,” said a CJ Logistics official. “As a global high-tech logistics company, we will lead sustainability management and eco-friendly logistics.”

CJ Logistics was recognized for its excellent ESG management performance and received Grade A, a lever higher than last year in the results of '2020 ESG Evaluation and Grade Announcement of Listed Companies' published by the Korea Corporate Governance Service (KCGS). In addition, it was selected in the excellent group of the '2020 UN Sustainable Development Goals Management Index (SDGBI)' announced by the UN SDGs Association for two consecutive years and was the first in the domestic logistics industry to obtain an excellent grade (AA) in the international eco-friendly standard 'GRP'.