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CJ Olive Young is introduced as a 'Global ESG Best Practice' in an international webinar hosted by the United Nations


CJ Olive Young's sustainability management efforts, leading the way in coexistence with the global environment, have been recognized both domestically and now globally.

Recognized worldwide for sustainability management efforts, such as the clean beauty campaign, immediate delivery packaging replacement, and smart receipts

CJ Olive Young

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CJ Olive Young (www.oliveyoung.co.kr) announced on December 21 that it was introduced as a representative global ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) best practice at an international seminar hosted by the United Nations (UN).

On December 18, CJ Olive Young's case of clean beauty and a biodegradable plastics-reducing environment-friendly model attracted a great deal of attention at the 'International Webinar on Sustainable Private Sector (SPS): Green and Responsible Practices' organized by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP).

The UN SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals) Association, which participated as a major speaker and sponsor of the seminar, introduced the climate response and low carbon cases, as well as the plastic and petroleum materials reduction cases of major domestic companies, and announced CJ Olive Young's clean beauty campaign and eco-friendly materials project as a major ESG case to be noted in each country.

A splendid achievement following the acquisition of an excellent grade in international eco-friendly certification and selection in the outstanding group of the UN Sustainable Development Goals Management Index this year

Since last June, CJ Olive Young has been introducing cosmetics brands and products that strive to coexist with the Earth along with healthy ingredients through its own standard called “Olive Young Clean Beauty”. It is leading the growth of the domestic clean beauty market by excluding suspected harmful ingredients and giving a selection mark (emblem) to brands that practice eco-friendliness or animal protection.

In addition, CJ Olive Young is changing the packaging material of “Same Day Delivery,” an immediate cosmetic delivery service, from existing PVC vinyl materials to recyclable kraft paper in an effort to protect the environment. In 2015, instead of paper receipts, it introduced “smart receipts,” and by March earlier this year, the cumulative number of smart receipts issued exceeded 100 million, saving more than 100 million paper receipts.

Thanks to these efforts, CJ Olive Young obtained an excellent grade (AA) in an international eco-friendly certification GRP (Guidelines for Reducing Plastic Waste) selected by the UN this year, followed by its selection as '2020 Global Sustainable Brand' and in the outstanding group of the ‘Sustainable Development Goals Business Index (SDGBI)'.

“We will realize 'healthy beauty' by spreading the values of sustainability through continuous environmental efforts.”

“It is all the more meaningful that the various activities for disseminating the values of sustainability have been introduced as global best practices through credible international organizations,” said an official from CJ Olive Young. “We will continue to realize the brand value of ‘Healthy Beauty'."

This seminar is an international conference in which ESG-related experts participated ahead of the Paris Climate Change Agreement in January, and the results of the meeting are expected to be the main data for the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs' announcement of best practices planned for next year. The UN SDGs Association said, “As the Asia-Pacific region is the most active green market in the world, we will actively support major Korean companies to lead ESG bonds, green finance, and eco-friendly industries.”