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Social contribution activities of CJ Logistics employees exceed 20,000 hours for 4 years in a row


The social contribution activities of CJ Logistics employees exceeded 20,000 hours for 4 consecutive years. It is said that it resulted from diversification of social contribution activities at a time when face-to-face volunteer activities are restricted due to the spread of COVID-19.

The social contribution activities of CJ Logistics employees reached 21,481 hours on a cumulative basis as of the end of November … Despite COVID-19, they participated in various untact social contribution activities

A CJ Logistics employee can be seen assembling a solar lantern

▲A CJ Logistics employee can be seen assembling a solar lantern.

CJ Logistics stated on December 8 that the cumulative hours of volunteer activities of its employees reached 21,481 hours as of the end of November. Since the figure exceeded 20,000 hours in 2017, it has held its record for 4 years in a row.

In particular, this year, there have been lots of difficulties in the existing face-to-face volunteer activities due to COVID-19. However, the company planned various New Normal untact social contribution activities and induced its employees to participate in them, which drew positive responses from the staff.

For starters, CJ Logistics’ foreign employees in the US and China read fairy tales in foreign languages, and recorded their voice and produced educational YouTube videos in the ‘Book-reading Foreign Language Village’ program. The ‘Book-reading Foreign Language Village’ program was favorably received as an exemplary case of ontact sharing in which not only Korean employees, but also foreign employees can participate.

Also, the ‘Light up the World’ program, i.e. making solar lanterns and delivering them to those who lack access to energy or can’t easily afford it, was so popular among its employees that the application for allocated quantities was closed just a day after applications began to be accepted. In addition, the company prepared various social contribution activities in which employees can participate in their spare time, e.g. ‘making masks for underprivileged children’ and ‘knitting caps for newborn babies.’

CJ Logistics is supporting employees’ participation in social contribution activities through its internal site ‘CJ Sharing Service’ so that its employees around the country can easily find information on volunteer activities and apply for them. In particular, it is contributing to continuously increasing the participation rate by supplying programs in various areas that can make effective use of the characteristics of the logistics business it engages in or fill the needs of the local community.

“Despite the difficult times caused by COVID-19, thanks to the voluntary participation of our employees, we were able to accomplish a great result, such as volunteer activity time exceeding 20,000 hours for 4 consecutive years,” stated a CJ Logistics official. “We will make further efforts to create a social contribution culture that everyone can participate in and enjoy together based on the core management philosophy of CJ Group, i.e. Mutual Prosperity.”

Meanwhile, CJ Logistics has been taking the lead in sharing with neighbors since 2014, such as by delivering the goods necessary for the Salvation Army kettle fund-raising activities free of charge each year. Also, in March and April when COVID-19 was prevalent, It delivered personal parcels in Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do at no cost.