Received a ‘presidential citation’ in Consumer Centered Management (CCM)


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CJ Cheiljedang announced on December 4 that it received a ‘presidential citation’ at the , which was held at the Korea Federation of SMEs in Yeouido, Seoul on December 3.

‘Consumer Centered Management’ (CCM) is a system in which the Korea Fair Trade Commission certifies that all management activities of a company are consumer-centered, and continuously improving.

Its contributions to spreading the truly consumer-centered management culture and promoting the rights and interests of consumers were recognized…highly rated in all aspects of CCM 

In this evaluation, CJ Cheiljedang was highly rated in customer satisfaction and mutual cooperation, and its contributions to the dissemination of the CCM certification system were also recognized.

To spread the consumer-centered management culture, CJ Cheiljedang is sharing key VOC (Voice of Customer) with all employees including the CEO on a daily basis. The company is operating a process for reflecting VOC when it launches and improves products.

A CJ Cheiljedang official stated, “In the belief that ‘there is no enterprise without customers,’ we are planning to take the lead in improving the rights and interests of consumers.”

Meanwhile, CJ Cheiljedang obtained the Consumer Centered Management certification for the first time in 2015. In 2017, it was re-certified as its stable VOC management and the excellence of its consumer complaints resolution system were recognized, and selected as a best practice. CJ Cheiljedang is also continuously supporting its partners so that they can obtain CCM certification.