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CJ Foodville's Season's Table Launches a New Program Themed on “New Normal Bansang for Single Diners”


CJ Foodville, headed by CEO Seong-pil Jeong, has announced that it will start test operation of a new program themed on “bansang for single diners” in its four locations.

“Bansang for Single Diners” for the safer enjoyment of bansang meals

New Normal Bansang for Single Diners

From the 29th onwards, Season's Table's locations at COEX Mall, Seoul Station, Yongsan I'Park Mall and Suwon Lotte Mall will feature the “Bansang for Single Diners” program in the form of a concept store. Season’s Table is determined to continue to stay flexible, making changes to its services in step with social trends. This time around, Season’s Table will launch a new a la carte bansang menu featuring popular items from its existing buffet-style menu. A variety of menu items, including a main dish, side dishes and soup, will be served to each single diner on bansang, a Korean traditional style dining table. The bansang table setting is a table setting for everyday meals unique to South Korea, where people have been using their own diner plates, spoons, and chopsticks since olden times with respect for such a tradition. Season's Table's bansang menu is not only suitable for people wanting to eat alone, a trend that has become part of South Korean people's everyday life, but it is also good for those wanting to eat in groups.

The restaurant's Brazier-Grilled Bansang for Single Diners offers the opportunity to enjoy hearty meat dishes for between 10,000 and 20,000 KRW. With Brazier-Grilled Bansang for Single Diners, you can experience the fun of cooking pre-grilled meat on a brazier to suit your taste and eating it dipped in a softly melted cheese sauce. Brazier-Grilled Bansang for Single Diners features five dishes, comprised of three beef dishes, Brazier-Grilled Kkotgalbi, Brazier-Grilled LA Ribs, and Brazier-Grilled Sirloin, and two pork dishes, Brazier-Grilled Gochujang Samgyeopsal and Brazier-Grilled Back Ribs. To go with your meal, you can choose either rice or miso noodles.

Bibimbap Bansang for Single Diners is a meal set consisting of bibimbap featuring an assortment of vegetables and a special sauce made using fermented seafood, served with side dishes, soup and pancakes made with seasonal ingredients. Bibimbap Bansang offers three menu items, the deliciously salty Avocado Shrimp Sauce Bansang, Seasoned Cockle Bansang featuring a chewy cockle salad eaten together with other dishes, and Sea Squirt Bansang featuring a sweet and savory sea squirt.

Season’s Table provides special safe, non-face-to-face services for the whole duration of your dining experience, from entry into the store and being seated to leaving the store after your meal. At Season’s Table, the tables have been arranged at a safe distance from each other, and items such as disposable hand sanitizer, cutlery and bottled water are available for use by each individual customer. Plus, with Naver’s QR code ordering system having been adopted, you can also place smart non-face-to-face orders.

A CJ Foodville official said, “We’ve launched this new program inspired by South Korea’s traditional bansang table setting to ensure that our customers can eat out in a safe, enjoyable manner. Going forward, we will continue to build a new food culture through rigorous hygiene management.”