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CJ OliveNetworks Proclaims New Vision


 CJ OliveNetworks CEO In-hyuk Cha proclaims a new vision.

▲ CJ OliveNetworks CEO In-hyuk Cha proclaims a new vision.

- A vision proclamation ceremony took place digitally for all of CJ OliveNetworks’s some 1,200 employees

- CJ OliveNetworks CEO In-hyuk Cha has announced mid-to-long term strategies for the company, including starting new digital businesses, expanding its overseas business ventures, and investing.

- The company has taken a new leap forward by reforming its organizational culture through such measures as creating social value and securing and nurturing global talent

[CJ OliveNetworks, Tuesday, September 15, 2020] 

CJ OliveNetworks, headed by CEO In-hyuk Cha is set to take a new leap forward, having proclaimed a new vision of being “a top-tier digital service company that takes the lead in giving happiness to customers and society.”

On Monday the 14th, CJ OliveNetworks held a vision proclamation ceremony at its Yongsan Twin City head office, with the attendance of CEO In-hyuk Cha and 10 employees. The ceremony was also streamed live so that about1,200 employees could participate in it simultaneously. 

CJ OliveNetworks's new vision means that the company will provide top-tier life and culture digital services and contribute to creating a better world using its own distinguished technology based on skill and culture of the highest order.

What motivated CJ OliveNetworks to establish the new vision was not only the increasing need to offer new customer value and to adopt a new business model in the rapidly changing business environment resulting from factors such as the damaging repercussions of COVID-19, the wide spread of untact culture, the emergence of platform powerhouses, the new Cold War and climate change, but also the necessity of establishing a new direction, e.g. pursuing digital-based new growth business ventures. 

▲ CJ올리브네트웍스의 새로운 미션, 비전, 일하는 방식

▲ CJ OliveNetworks' new mission, new vision and new work rules

CJ OliveNetworks has established a new vision structure to realize customer needs and social value and has chosen ▲customer-oriented, ▲augmentation of social value and ▲strengthening of expertise and ▲innovation as work rules that will serve to achieve its mission and vision.

This expresses the company's goal of not only building trust with the customers by developing the best technologies and competencies, but also of creating a culture that places importance on innovation, adventurousness and diversity while striving to fulfill its social responsibilities.

At the vision promulgation ceremony, CJ OliveNetworks CEO In-hyuk Cha announced the company’s new strategies for securing a competitive edge, including expanding the business areas of its existing IT services, starting with five new digital business ventures centering on AI and big data, and selection- and concentration-based investment. 

Having presented ▲digital marketing, ▲AI factories, ▲digital cures, ▲smart cities and ▲data-based purchasing BPO (business process outsourcing) as its new digital business ventures, CJ OliveNetworks plans to lead innovation in the areas of marketing, manufacturing, purchasing and SCM for its customers.

In addition, through the expansion of the business areas of its existing IT services, e.g., securing competitive solutions, strengthening cloud infrastructure service capabilities and boosting CJ ONE-based data services, the company also aims to increase the share of its overseas sales — including those from the new business ventures — to 60% or more by 2025.

In a bid to achieve faster entry into markets and to expand its areas of business, the company also plans to acquire or make equity investments in companies, both at home and aboard, that have competitive technologies.

In tandem with the promulgation of the new vision, CJ OliveNetworks has also embarked on reforming its organizational culture. CJ OliveNetworks will be building an organizational culture that will enable the achievement of innovative growth, through various activities including: ▲bold recruitment of female leaders and young talent, ▲securement and nurturing of global talent, ▲strengthening of technology capabilities with focus on AI, big data and cloud, ▲restructuring of the rank structure into a horizontal one, ▲running of new business incubation programs.

Moreover, in line with the 4th Industrial Revolution and the COVID-19-induced start of the new norm, the company will also establish a governance structure and execution and inspection systems necessary for the conduct of sustainable management. The company’s plans are to fulfill its social responsibilities through efforts such as creating an ecosystem where it can grow together with local communities and its business partners, building a system that ensures work-family balance and conducting fair trade practices, and to put more effort into quality management for customer satisfaction.


▲ CJ OliveNetworks CEO In-hyuk Cha poses for a commemorative photo with an employee representative at the vision proclamation ceremony.

CJ OliveNetworks CEO In-hyuk Cha emphasized that, “At a juncture when we are required to offer new customer value and to switch to a new business model due to rapid changes in the business environment, we have established a new mission and vision by equally reflecting both the group's management philosophy and opinions from the employees. 

By continuously securing competitive solutions and diversifying services designed to create high added value, we will continue to drive future growth and lead innovation for our corporate clients.”