CJ CheilJedang to be the only company in the world to produce the 9 essential amino acids using an eco-friendly method


CJ CheilJedang is leading the ‘eco-friendly’ trend in the global green bio market by expanding the scope of amino acids for livestock, using its own fermentation method.

Matchless R&D technological skills have been proven by securing ‘leucine’ production technology in addition to the eco-friendly production method

 L-Methionine by CJ CheilJedang, the first product in the world to be produced using an eco-friendly method

▲ L-Methionine by CJ CheilJedang, the first product in the world to be produced using an eco-friendly method

CJ CheilJedang announced on the 27th that it has secured the production technology to mass-produce ‘leucine’, one of the essential amino acids, using an eco-friendly method, and will begin production within the year. Leucine will be the 9th essential amino acid to be produced by CJ CheilJedang using the eco-friendly fermentation method. Currently, CJ CheilJedang is the only global amino acid manufacturer to produce more than 5 types of essential amino acids using an eco-friendly method.

Amino acids are ingredients that form proteins and help promote the growth and immunity of animals. 11 out of a total 21 amino acids are synthesized within the body through feed. However, the other 10 types (essential amino acids), such as lysine and methionine, cannot be synthesized by animals themselves and may hinder growth when there is lacking, which is why they must be consumed separately.

As humans supplement vitamins that cannot be synthesized in the body by taking nutritional supplements or eating fruits, animals must also absorb essential amino acids in the form of feed additives. In the end, considering the cycle of ‘feed (+ essential amino acids) → livestock → food → people’, the eco-friendly production of essential amino acids is important.

Releasing products that meet eco-friendly and health-friendly demands based on the world’s top-level R&D competencies

CJ CheilJedang’s eco-friendly method is an integration of advanced technology and the company’s R&D competencies in microorganism fermentation accumulated for over 60 years. CJ CheilJedang is producing amino acids through a fermentation method using differentiated microorganism Corynebacterium and grains as raw materials. This eco-friendly fermentation method significantly reduces the wastewater and gas that occur in the process of producing amino acids. With this method, by-products from the manufacturing process can also be used as a fertilizer to reproduce grains.

At first, many global companies in the amino acid industry produced amino acid products by ‘chemically’ decomposing ingredients like duck down or swine bristles and even human hair. Many companies are still producing amino acids using a chemical method or colon bacillus, which is a type of harmful bacteria.

eco-friendly method

In particular, with the increasing awareness of the environment and health, amino acid products that are made in a ‘sustainable’ and ‘eco-friendly’ method are receiving attention. Therefore, having established a matchless position in the production of ‘eco-friendly essential amino acids’, CJ CheilJedang will continue to increase its market share.

“’Eco-friendliness’ is a trend that cannot be defied in the global market of amino acids for livestock,” said an official at CJ CheilJedang. “We’re going to keep leading the market as the ‘first mover’ of green bio so that our competitors won’t be able to catch up.”