CJ O’live Young Obtains an “Excellent” Rating on GRP, a UN-Approved Eco-Friendliness Rating System


CJ O’live Young's efforts to practice eco-friendly management have finally come to fruition. On the 5th, CJ O’live Young announced that it had obtained an AA rating on the Guidelines for Reducing Plastic Waste (GRP), international environmental guidelines and an eco-friendliness rating system approved by the United Nations.

CJ O’live Young has been recognized for its contribution to environmental protection, through activities such as “Smart Receipt” and by changing the packing material for its same day delivery service, “Oneul Dream.”

The Smart Receipt initiative has been in place since 2015 in order to replace paper receipts.

 ▲ The Smart Receipt initiative has been in place since 2015 in order to replace paper receipts.

The GRP are international environmental guidelines and an eco-friendliness certification system designed to address global environmental issues, such as plastic reduction, marine ecosystem protection and climate change. Established based on the United Nation's major environmental agreements and summit reports, including the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the GRP are published by the Association for Supporting the SDGs for the UN, an organization under the United Nation with a special consultative status.

The GRP evaluate the eco-friendliness of companies in six major industries—the cosmetics, franchise, food, tourism facilities, distribution, and logistics industries—and then divide the evaluated companies into the top 40% percentile and the bottom 60% percentile. The top 40% of companies are then chosen as partner companies and given eco-friendly certification based on detailed criteria, with one of the four ratings AAA, AA+, AA and AA- being assigned to each of them. CJ O’live Young has been given an “excellent” (AA) rating on the GRP showing the deep appreciation of its contribution to environmental protection through efforts such as implementing the Smart Receipt initiative in 2015 instead of continuing to use paper receipts. 

“We will continue to pursue eco-friendliness in order to fulfill our brand philosophy of ‘Healthy Beauty.’”

Smart Receipt is a service that automatically issues electronic receipts through the official mobile app of CJ Group's integrated membership program CJ One. CJ O’live Young, had issued a total cumulative number of more than 100 million paper receipts as of March this year, and has achieved the effect of saving more than 100 million paper receipts through its Smart Receipt service, which is used by 60% of the people who buy their products.

In addition to that, CJ O’live Young also replaced the packaging material for Oneul Dream,” its instant cosmetics delivery service, which is the first of its kind in the industry, from the existing PVC vinyl plastic material to reusable kraft paper. Not only does CJ O’live Young improve customer convenience, but it is also actively engaged in environment protection by reducing the amount of plastic it uses. 

A CJ O’live Young official said, “Because we are a major purchasing channel for South Korea millennials who place importance on value consumption, we have been providing a variety of industry-leading eco-friendly services, which thankfully has resulted in meaningful outcomes. We will continue to conduct eco-friendly management by actively participating in the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”