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CGV to Screen World-Renowned Popera Artist Josh Groban's 2018 New York Live Performance


South Korean music fans will soon be able to watch live footage of a past New York concert by Josh Groban—a musician who is making waves around the world with his unique mixture of pop and opera—at CGV locations across the country.

A video recording of Josh Groban's 2018 New York concert that took place at New York's Madison Square Garden is to be screened in South Korea

South Korean music fans can soon watch Josh Grovan's 2018 New York concert at 41 CGV theaters in their country 

▲ South Korean music fans can soon watch Josh Grovan's 2018 New York concert at 41 CGV theaters in their country

From May 20 to June 2, CGV will be screening live footage of Josh Groban’s Madison Square Garden, New York concert at 41 CGV theaters across South Korea.

At the young age of 17, Josh Groban fascinated the world-renowned music producer David Foster with his outstanding vocals and unique musical sensibilities. With the help of David Foster, Josh Groban went on stage with Celine Dion at a rehearsal show at the 42nd Grammy Awards in 1999 in the stead of popera (a fusion of pop and opera) star Andrea Bocelli, drawing attention with his impeccable duet performance with the Canadian singer. In 2016, he was included in a list of the world’s top 5 popera singers compiled by the U.K.'s BBC Music Magazine along with Sarah Brightman, Andrea Bocelli, Il Divo and Hyung-ju Lim, thereby gaining global recognition.

The screening is expected to attract a lot of viewers because the live performance features Josh Grovan singing some of his most beloved songs, including ”You Raise Me Up” and “To Where You Are”, as well as “Falling Slowly,” his duet song with Idina Menzel, which garnered huge popularity among South Korean people by being featured in the movie “Frozen.” 

From May 20 to June 2, available at 41 CGV theaters across South Korea. Ticket Prices: 18,000 KRW.

The special screening of Josh Grovan's 2018 New York concert will take place at CGV locations across South Korea, including CGV Gangbyeon, GGV Gwangju Terminal, CGV Daegu Hyundai, CGV Daejeon, CGV Daehakro, CGV Myeongdong, CGV Mokpo Peace Square, CGV Seomyeon, CGV Songpa, CGV Suncheon Sindae, CGV Yeongdeungpo, CGV Yongsan I Park Mall, CGV Ulsan Samsan, CGV Incheon, CGV Jeonju Hyoja, CGV Cheonan Pentaport and CGV Pyeongtaek, and tickets cost 18,000 KRW. The concert movie will also be available for viewing at CGV Songpa's Sphere X screening room as well, where each seat is fitted with a vivid sound system and visitors can watch movies as if they were lying down.

You can also watch the concert movie at CGV Cine De Chef, a multi-cultural space that has a combined high-end movie theater and trendy restaurant. The screening is an opportunity for South Korean people to enjoy live music footage through the Meyer Sound system—the world’s foremost sound system, which has also been installed at Carnegie Hall and Opera House—while sitting in comfortable chairs looking at a clearer, higher-definition screen. Ticket prices at CGV Cine De Chef Yongsan I Park Mall and CGV Cine De Chef Apgujeong are 45,000 KRW, CGV Cine De Chef Centum City are 40,000 KRW.

The concert movie's running time is 1 hour and 41 minutes, and more information on reservations and other details can be found on the official CGV website and via the CGV mobile app.

Park Jun-gyu, the leader of alternative contents team, CJ CGV said “We are delighted to screen the live footage of Josh Groban’s concert at our theaters. He has received huge acclaim from both critics and the public for his uniquely deep and warm vocals and the consolation-esque emotional characteristics of his music. I hope visitors will get to see for themselves his touching performance at his New York concert and feel the heated atmosphere of the concert venue via a large screen and a vivid sound system.”