CJ Logistics Sustainability Report 2018-2019.


- The report contains the outcomes of the sustainable management of CJ Logistics and its overseas family companies in the US, China, Vietnam, India, etc.

- The report reflects CJ Logistics’ continued efforts to propel the logistics industry forward through innovation and contribute to the advancement of the nation and society based on CJ Group’s CJ CSV spirit.

CJ Logistics Sustainability Report 2018-2019

CJ Logistics published its annual sustainability report detailing the outcomes of its sustainable management in Korea and beyond.

CJ Logistics announced on the 13th that the CJ Logistics Sustainability Report 2018-2019 was officially published. The report contains the company’s achievements in sustainable management and its future plans.

The report, marking its third publication, first introduces CJ Logistics’ management philosophy and an overview of its businesses, followed by an analysis of its competitiveness in related areas, safety and health, and the environment, which are key to sustainable management. It also illustrates a series of success cases of co-growth with partner companies in the local communities and examines nine themes from governance to customer satisfaction and the implementation of the UN SDGs.

This report is even more significant in that it also highlights the efforts and performances of the global family of companies in the US, China, Vietnam, and India that joined CJ Logistics through M&As, in addition to CJ Logistics’ domestic performance.

The content of the report can be viewed and downloaded on CJ Logistics’ website ( 
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A CJ Logistics staff member said, “We strive to contribute to the advancement of the nation and society by practicing CJ Group’s CJ CSV spirit, which is about elevating the logistics industry to new heights through continued innovation in the face of diverse management challenges and building a community of co-prosperity. We aim to look back on our path through this report and reinforce our communication with stakeholders.”

CJ Logistics published its first sustainability report in 2017 and continues to share its economic, social, and environmental activities and their outcomes through the annually published report.