CJ ENM Relaunches CH.DIA TV as CH.DIA with Digital Content Reinforced


CH.DIA TV of CJ ENM (CEO Heo Min-hoe), a TV channel dedicated to broadcasting original content produced by a single creator, announced on the 2nd that it would be newly launched as CH.DIA with its digital content reinforced.

-It will be transformed into a digital content lineup channel targeting Generation Z.

‘다 보라, 채널 다이아’라는 슬로건을 반영한 대도서관·윰댕 포스터

▲Poster featuring Great Library and Yumdaeng with a catch phrase that is a humorous take on CH.DIA’s slogan “Come and watch CH.DIA”

CH.DIA TV was launched in January 2017 as Asia’s first TV channel dedicated to original content produced by a single creator and has aired approximately 5,800 original content videos over the past three years. Through this realignment, the content lineup was reinforced to focus on the needs of Gen Z by respecting individual preferences, pursuing uniqueness, and achieving diversity.

CH.DIA decided to adopt “Come and watch CH.DIA” as its new slogan and select purple as its primary marketing color (as bora in Korean is a homonym meaning both the imperative “watch” and “purple”).

Approximately 1,300 original-content programs, including web entertainment shows and web dramas, will be added to CH.DIA TV’s 3,200 programs. Content featuring CH.DIA’s celebrity partners such as Park Mi-seon, Lee Su-geun, Gang Yu-mi, MKIT RAIN, and Jonathan will also air in weekday prime-time slots. The weekday prime-time slots are from 16:00 to 21:00, and a wide spectrum of choices are offered, from travel and video logs to fashion/beauty/hobbies, pets, entertainment, and food programs produced by CH.DIA creators, as well as mashups, web dramas, content created by celebrities, and CJ ENM’s original content. . 

푸드 크리에이터 포스터(왼쪽 위부터 시계 방향으로 홍사운드, 박병진용사, 입짧은 햇님, 나도)

▲ Poster featuring food video creators (clockwise from upper left: Hong Sound, Soldier Park Byeong-jin, Haennim the Picky Eater, and Nado)

In addition, it plans to showcase a variety of content suited for different lifestyles from programs for parents and kids (morning time slots) to those about fitness and exercise (afternoon time slots).

Creator Business Director Park Jin-woo of CH.DIA said, “We have strived to expand the base of original content communicated mainly via digital media over the past three years as Asia’s first TV channel dedicated to original content produced by a single creator. Through this realignment, we expect to grow into a channel that appeals to Gen Z, as well as other generations, by offering a wide range of digital content.”

CH.DIA can be accessed on channel 72 on KT Olleh TV, channel 96 on SK B TV, channel 155 on LG U+, channel 160 on SkyLife, channel 58 on LG HelloVision, channel 80 on D’LIVE, channel 76 on T-broad, and channel 220 on HCN in Seoul, as well as on TVING, GOMTV, and KT Seezn as VOD.