CJ OliveNetworks Helps Manufacturers Go Smart with “FactoryONE”



- FactoryONE, our smart factory solution, will be implemented for Hwayo, a high-end liquor brand

- The entire process at the Yeoju Factory, from the warehousing of rice, Hwayo’s main ingredient, to distilling, filtering, and bottle washing, will be automated

- This manufacturing execution system lessens the burden of investment as it employs a cloud computing service through which fees are paid only for resources used

- It was created with an in-depth understanding of the food and beverage business based on our experience with building smart factories for CJ CheilJedang, etc.

[CJ OliveNetworks=February 3 (Mon), 2020] CJ OliveNetworks (CEO Cha In-hyok) will build a smart factory system at the Yeoju Factory of Hwayo, a high-end liquor brand. Based on our experience with building smart factories for various food and beverage makers (CJ CheilJedang, etc.) using FactoryONE, we will provide a comprehensive set of services from consulting to manufacturing, automation, and inspection equipment.

Hwayo is the number one brand in Korea’s distilled soju market. With an increase in the number of consumers who prefer premium soju, the need for manufacturing and operation optimization has risen. The aim is to attain world-class manufacturing competitiveness by establishing a standard smart factory for liquor. FactoryONE’s manufacturing execution system (MES) employs a cloud computing service through which fees are paid only for resources used, thereby lessening the burden of investment for SMEs. It provides diverse platforms for HACCP certification, production monitoring, quality assurance, equipment management, and mobile management in line with the smart factory and HACCP support projects implemented by the government in full scale that began this year. 

CJ OliveNetworks plans to transform the entire manufacturing process in Hwayo, from the warehousing of rice to distilling, maturing, and packaging, into a smart process. Furthermore, we plan to prevent injection errors and receive HACCP certification by applying our foolproof system designed to respond only to the correct operation of filtering and bottle washing processes. Instead of manually recording and managing data as in the past, data will be downloaded and managed in an integrated manner using IoT devices. This will also lower the defect rate, enable prompt responses to quality-related issues, ensure transparent management on the production front lines, and reduce production costs through data-based quality assurance. The FactoryONE system for Hwayo’s Yeoju Factory will be completed within March and operated directly by CJ OliveNetworks.