CJ HealthCare Releases a 300-Tabulet Package for K-CAB Tab


-CJ HealthCare’s new gastric acid blocker K-CAB is released in a 300-tabulet package following its 30-tabulet package

300-Tabulet Package for K-CAB Tab

▲ 300-tabulet package for K-CAB from CJ HealthCare

The new gastric acid blocker K-CAB Tab from CJ HealthCare (CEO Kang Seok-hee) is now available in a 300-tabulet package in addition to the existing 30-tabulet package. Released in March, CJ HealthCare’s K-CAB (ingredient: tegoprazan) is a new treatment for the gastroesophageal reflux disease of P-CAB (potassium-competitive acid blocker). It was originally released in a 30-tabulet package only, but the 300-tabulet package was added to its lineup this month reflecting on the opinions of experts. K-CAB, meaning “P-CAB made in Korea,” obtained approval for the treatment of both the erosive and non-erosive types of gastroesophageal reflux disease for the first time in the global industry as a new P-CAB therapy, as well as for the treatment of gastric ulcers in July last year.

A staff member of CJ HealthCare said, “We recently released the 300-tabulet package to cater to the needs of the healthcare market. We expect that the new package, in combination with the existing 30-tabulet package, will contribute to expanding the spectrum of choice and convenience for those who issue and fill prescriptions.” 

K-CAB is rapidly reinforcing its foothold in the gastroesophageal reflux disease treatment market powered by its many exceptional advantages, such as its faster medicinal effect compared to PPI (proton pump inhibitor), no time requirements (it can be taken either prior to or after meals), and lasting efficacy to contain gastric acid secretion throughout the night. It is present in 20 overseas markets including China, Vietnam, 17 countries of Central and South Americas, Indonesia, and Thailand.