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TOUS les JOURS Earns Both the iF Product Design Award and Red Dot Design Award


TOUS les JOURS is named winner of the iF Product Design Award for 

two consecutive years by coming first in two sectors in 2020

the iF Product Design Award and Red Dot Design Award

The design superiority of TOUS les JOURS, operated by CJ Foodville (CEO Jeong Seong-pil), was evidenced by winning two globally coveted design awards.

CJ Foodville announced on the 14th that the package ranges for baked cakes and Titipo madeleine and cakes from TOUS les JOURS won the award in Packaging for the iF Design Award 2020 of Germany. TOUS les JOURS also received an award in Communication Design from the Red Dot Design Award in 2019 for its 2019 Christmas packages for the two categories and thus achieved the feat of sweeping two of the most prestigious design awards for two consecutive years.

Germany’s iF Product Design Award is one of the world’s most famous and prized design contests hosted by the iF International Forum Design, which celebrates outstanding designs every year and is among the top three design awards along with the Red Dot Design Award of Germany and IDEA of the US.

The package range for baked cakes (sponge cakes, pound cakes, roll cakes, etc.) is designed with a focus on conveying a sophisticated and premium feel as products in this category are mostly purchased as gifts. The roundness of roll cakes, the rectangular shape of sponge cakes, and the arched shape of pound cakes were used as motifs for a symbolic pattern, with different colors applied to represent different cake types. Both sides are cut diagonally to better set each product apart from the adjacent ones in showcases. The packages open on their sides to make it easier to take out the products without ruining their shape and to store the leftovers neatly. The structure of this award-winning design was registered as a utility model.

The package range for Titipo madeleine and cakes is presented with popular animation characters and has received rave responses from children. The sleeve-type madeleine box is designed to resemble a Titipo, Diesel, or Ginny train and can serve as a storage box. The cake box was designed after a garage to make those opening the box feel as if they are driving the train-shaped product out of a garage.

A staff member of TOUS les JOURS said, “It is thrilling to be the winner of not only one but two globally coveted design awards. We will continuously strive to achieve superior brand competitiveness across all areas from taste and quality to design and service through rigorous R&D.”

the iF Product Design Award and Red Dot Design Award