CJ Logistics launches ‘CJ Logistics America’ merged with DSC in the US


- Merges DSC acquired in 2018 with CJ Logistics USA Corporation to target the North American market by launching a joint corporation

- Integrates 4,200 employees in over 70 establishments in North America, breaking away from sales focused on Korean companies and instead expanding the scope of sales to multinational companies

- Provides global logistics services, such as multimodal transportation and forwarding among nations, anticipating maximized synergy of M&A

CJ Logistics America

CJ Logistics launched the joint corporation ‘CJ Logistics America’ by merging with the local US logistics company DSC acquired in 2018. It is not uncommon for a Korean company to acquire a US company, but a corporate merger is a rare case, and it is considered to have reflected the strong will of CJ Group Chairman Lee Jay-Hyun who claims that they must “lead an evolution of the global logistics business beyond Asia”. 

CJ Logistics announced on the 4th of February that it has merged its USA Corporation ‘CJ Logistics USA’ and the US logistics company ‘DSC Logistics’ acquired through M&A in 2018 with the launch of ‘CJ Logistics America’ on the 3rd (local time). Some of the corporations that they had already been in business with, such as ‘CJ Logistics Canada,’ will be incorporated into ‘CJ Logistics America’ as a subsidiary. The headquarters is located in Des Plaines near Chicago, Illinois.

CJ Logistics America now has an extensive logistics network throughout North America by having integrated the human resources, logistics infrastructures and platforms of the two corporations. Over 70 establishments have now been integrated for transportation and forwarding along with the 2.8-million ㎡ warehouses in the US and Canada, which amounts to the size of over 400 soccer fields. The total number of employees has likewise increased to over 4,200.

By launching this joint corporation, CJ Logistics anticipates global sales targeting multinational companies instead of sales that had previously been focused primarily on Korean companies overseas. The company’s strategy is to create M&A synergy by combining the sales network and human resources of DSC, which has a strong position in the North American market since its foundation in 1960, with the cutting-edge logistics competency of CJ Logistics. The logistics business can now be expanded from food and consumer goods to higher value-added businesses like cold chain, electrical and electronic engineering, thereby securing a solid base for growth and differentiated competitiveness.

CJ Logistics also plans to upgrade its global logistics service through this corporation. The service that had up until now been provided only in the US has now expanded to all areas of North America. The company can now provide a customized total logistics service to meet the diverse needs of clients, such as transport between Korea and North America, as well as a multimodal transport service between neighboring countries. CJ Logistics plans to expand its logistics network to not only South America including Mexico, but also the whole world, using its global network. The company is now building a global logistics network based on 154 cities in 40 countries.

“Being a company under the brand CJ fulfills the vision of DSC that emphasizes customer experience, global solution and innovative growth,” said an official at CJ Logistics America from DSC. “By launching this corporation, we plan to provide the world’s top-level logistics service. We’re also looking forward to the technology transfer of TES (Technology, Engineering, Systems & Solutions), which is the cutting-edge logistics technology of CJ Logistics. Currently, we’re conducting multiple pilot tests to commercialize the TES in our establishments in the US.”

“Customers are at the heart of everything we do, and this is the chance to enhance the value we provide for customers,” said CJ Logistics America CEO Ed Bowersox. “Both companies will join forces to provide better services.”

CJ Logistics has also been building global networks throughout Asia in areas such as China, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East and Central Asia with aggressive M&As and joint ventures since 2013. Moreover, in 2018, it acquired the US logistics company DSC and established the competency to compete with global logistics companies.