“Make banchan (side dishes) easily with just Bibigo Chan!”


CJ CheilJedang increases the ‘Bibigo Chan (饌)’ lineup to 5 items

- CJ CheilJedang releases Bibigo Stir-fried Anchovies with Nuts, which is gaining popularity with the improved economic feasibility and convenience in a small one-meal package for 3-4 people based on strict quality control

- Sales are increasing as the Bibigo Chan products released last year, such as Beef Jangjorim, are receiving positive feedback, leading the growth of the HMR banchan (side dish) market 

Bibigo Chan

CJ CheilJedang is increasing the ‘Bibigo Chan (饌)’ lineup to 5 items, thus accelerating the expansion of the HMR banchan (side dish) market.

CJ CheilJedang announced on the 30th that it has released a new product, ‘Bibigo Stir-fried Anchovies with Nuts,’ to add to the lineup of 4 Bibigo Chan products released in August 2019. Bibigo Stir-fried Anchovies with Nuts (60g, KRW 3,480) combines crunchy, savory stir-fried Korean anchovies and various nuts like walnuts and almonds with Korean fermented paste and Beksul oligosaccharide. A preliminary consumer panel test with housewives in their 30-50s received a nearly perfect score, which suggests that this product will be extremely popular among consumers.

Bibigo Chan products are small packages of ‘super-convenient HMR banchan’ dishes fit for a meal for a family of 3-4 members, containing side dishes that are as delicious and authentic as homemade dishes. These products have eliminated the concerns for ingredients and hygiene with strictly selected materials and rigorous production process as the first HMR banchan to be free of four ingredients which require caution meaning that they are safer for consumers to eat. They are also differentiated from the general banchan flavored with soy sauce and salt. They are characterized by a deep and clean savory taste using the patented ‘Korean fermented paste’ made by putting fermented soybean lumps into deotjang aekjeot, which is fermented twice, and then by fermenting the whole thing once more.

In fact, the four types of Bibigo Chan sold since last year, such as Beef Jangjorim, Beef Jangjorim & Shishito Peppers, Seasoned Dried Radish, and Stir-fried Dried Squid, are receiving great responses from households with children and newlyweds. Consumers are raving over the taste, convenience, amount and price of the products, giving feedback such as: ‘clean and tasty as if homemade,’ ‘convenient to eat when busy,’ ‘just enough for one meal and thus economically feasible,’ and ‘much more reasonable in terms of price than buying the ingredients and making banchan.’

Accordingly, sales are constantly rising as well. The four types of Bibigo Chan are recording the cumulative sales of 700,000 units in approximately 5 months up until today (as of January 27) since their release. In particular, sales for 4 weeks (January 1 – January 27) this year have risen by at least 50% compared to last month, showing a continuous increase. Considering that last year Bibigo Chan was distributed and sold in only a few channels, this year’s sales are expected to grow even more as the distribution channels increase.

Currently, the Korean banchan market is estimated to be worth approximately KRW 2 trillion, and the market for HMR banchan is expected to grow continuously along with the growing HMR trend. “Bibigo Chan products have a competitive edge as they are made to be delicious with good ingredients and strict quality control based on differentiated technology and are thus safe to eat,” emphasized Kim Ji-Eun, in charge of Bibigo Chan marketing at CJ CheilJedang. “With banchan collections, such as Bibigo Chan, kimchi and grilled fish, we’re going to further develop them into products that lead the growth of the HMR banchan market through various online and offline marketing activities,” she added.