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“Protecting firefighters with fireproof suits that have saved lives”: Donation project by FunshopX119HREO


“Protecting firefighters with fireproof suits that have saved lives”: Donation project by FunshopX119REO

 - Upcycled products made from fireproof suits to protect firefighters are sold exclusively by ‘Funshop’; 50% of sales proceeds are donated to firefighters whose injuries from official duties  go unrecognized

- ‘Hero Bag’ recycled from fireproof suits worn on the scenes of fire, ‘2020 Planner Package’ made in collaboration with Gwangju Fire Department, etc.

Donation project by FunshopX119HERO

CJ ENM O Shopping Division’s shopping mall ‘Funshop’, which sells fun and unique products, collaborates with social enterprise ‘119REO’ to carry out a donation project for firefighters whose injuries from official duties are not recognized by the government as state indemnities. Fashion items made by upcycling fireproof suits are sold on the online shopping mall of ‘Funshop,’ with 50% of the proceeds from sales to be donated to the firefighters.

‘119REO’ is a social enterprise selling fashion items made by upcycling (transforming recyclable items into new materials or products of greater value by adding designs or purposes) fireproof suits and donating parts of the proceeds to firefighters. The enterprise is also taking the initiative in improving the rights of firefighters by hosting lectures and exhibitions.

‘Hero Bag,’ the main product of the project, is a bag made by recycling the actual fireproof suits worn by firefighters on the scenes of fires. These suits are upcycled into aramid (fireproof suit material), which is a strong heat-resistant fiber that is resistant to even temperatures higher than 400℃. It is also waterproof and smokeproof and is not easily damaged by the scratches that occur in daily life. Funshop offers two types of these bags: ‘Hero Messenger Bag’ with 8 pockets for maximized storage, and ‘Hero Boat Bag’ in an active, boat-shaped sling bag style. 

In addition, Funshop presents the ‘Carabiner Bracelet’ inspired by a carabiner, a metal loop to connect ropes that is always carried by firefighters for safety, as well as the ‘2020 Planner Package’ made in collaboration with the Gwangju Fire Department. The package, comprised of a diary and a desk calendar, contains messages showing the honest work ethics of firefighters and vivid pictures of actual fire drills. 

“This donation project has significance in that the fireproof suits, which have protected firefighters in the actual scenes of fire, are reborn as upcycled products to protect firefighters once again,” said a marketing official at Funshop. “This collaboration project with 119REO will hopefully help raise the awareness about the need to guarantee and improve the treatment and rights of firefighters.”

‘Funshop’ is CJ ENM O Shopping Division’s shopping mall selling fun and unique products. Since its opening as an online shopping mall in 2002, it has been presenting new lifestyles with fun products and contents as a ‘toy shop for adults’ selling creative and original items including action figures. Recently, it has been discovering and selling various products for fans of the 3040 lifestyle and presenting fun content, capturing the hearts of ‘kidult (kid + adult)’ customers.