CJ 4DPLEX Achieves Success at CES 2020, Demonstrating the Excellence of its Unparalleled South Korea-Developed Screening Technology


On the 10th January, CJ CGV subsidiary CJ 4DPLEX, headed by CEO Kim Jong-Ryul, wrapped up its participation in CES 2020—the world’s largest IT and home appliances exhibition—amid positive reviews from South Korean and overseas visitors.

Integrated screening system 4DX Screen, fitted with a four-sided screen, draws an enthusiastic response

CJ 4DPLEX's booth

▲ CJ 4DPLEX's booth at CES 2020 was fully packed with visitors throughout all days of the exhibition

Visitors to CES 2020습

▲ Visitors to CES 2020 watch a movie screened via the 4DX Screen system, which is fitted with a four-sided screen

At this year's iteration of CES, which took place for four days starting January 7th, CJ 4DPLEX showcased its innovative integrated movie screening system “4DX Screen” as well as an indoor AR platform fitted with state-of-the-art computer vision technology via a mobile role-playing game. More than 5,200 people visited CJ 4DPLEX's booth throughout the four days of the exhibition. 

At its booth, 4DX Screen, an integrated system created utilizing CJ 4DPLEX's various screening technologies, attracted particular attention for the duration of the exhibition. About 1,300 people on average flocked to CJ 4DPLEX's booth to experience 4DX Screen each day, creating a spectacle in which a wait of 30 or more minutes was the norm, with the queue extending to longer than 40 meters. The visitors, who had experienced first-hand 4DX Screen’s four-sided, five-angled trapezoidal screen and the new 4DX seats whose motion range is up to 10 times broader than the previous iteration, uttered exclamation at the future screening system.

CJ 4DPLEX garnered a lot of attention from various global companies for the duration of CES 2020. At its booth, CJ 4DPLEX yielded meaningful results, discussing in-depth possible projects that make use of its screening technology with global IT service providers. In addition, due to service providers who showed interest in immediately adopting CJ 4DPLEX's indoor AR platform, separate consultations were also conducted at the booth.

It was these achievements that saw world major media outlets and influencers gave unstinting praise to CJ 4DPLEX. Ahead of the event, news outlets such as Market Watch and Hollywood News, gave an overview of CJ 4DPLEX and wrote in-depth articles about the company’s inaugural participation in CES. 

U.S. IT magazine RedShark News chooses 4DX Screen as one of the top 6 technologies to pay attention to at CES 2020

Visitors enjoy 4DX AR

▲ Visitors enjoy 4DX AR

At the site of CES 2020, various news outlets including the U.S.’s the New York Times, FOX and CBS, Japan's Asahi Broadcasting Corporation and Germany's CT Magazine visited CJ 4DPLEX’s booth to experience 4DX Screen first-hand and gave coverage of the system’s screening technology afterwards in heated competition. U.S. IT magazine RedShark News chose 4DX Screen's four-sided screen as one of the top 6 technologies to pay attention to at CES 2020, and the AP news agency gave a glowing review of the technology remarking that a future cinema that will change the paradigm of movie theaters has arrived. U.S. IT magazines, Interesting Engineering and Industry Global News24, paid particular attention to the indoor AR platform showcased by CJ 4DPLEX, saying that the platform provided immersive fun through a distinguished RPG.

Famed U.S. YouTuber James Strieb, who runs a popular tech-related YouTube channel with nearly 10 million subscribers called “Linus Tech Tips,” enthusiastically praised and covered 4DX Screen in detail, calling it the technology he has been dreaming of since childhood. In addition, Las Vegas-based TV reporter and influencer Jillian Lopez said that 4DX Screen is a movie theater that would make people immediately get up from their living room couches just to go there.

CJ 4DPLEX CEO Kim Jong-Ryul said, “Through the exhibition, we CJ 4DPLEX could reassure ourselves that we have a unique, sufficient competitive edge against giant companies with which we will compete on the global stage. Exporting K screens is very significant in that not only can it lead to the export of other related technologies, but it can also promote to the world K content, such as Korean TV shows and movies and the lifestyles they show. We will work hard with an even greater sense of mission so that CJ 4DPLEX's special technology screening systems firmly establish themselves as K screens that lead movie watching cultures around the world.”

CJ 4DPLEX is a platform provider that develops and runs unique film screening technologies including 4DX, Screen X and 4DX Screen based on the spirit of OnlyOne, CJ Group's core management philosophy. For the last 10 years, based on over 220 patented technologies, the company has entered more than 100 major movie theaters around the world, in some 70 countries with around 1,000 screens and more than 140,000 seats. Developed entirely in South Korea, 4DX Screen is the world's first screening technology of its kind and is regarded as a new technology that has changed the paradigm of the global movie industry. CJ 4DPLEX has earned the honor of being selected as the most innovative company not only at major exhibitions in the movie industry, such as CinemaCon, ShowEast and CineAsia, but also at major technology awards events, such as the U.S.'s the Edison awards and the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society Awards and China's the iResearch Awards.