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CJ Logistics Exceeded 25,000 Cumulative Hours of Employee Volunteering Last Year


- A 19% increase compared to the previous year, 25,628 hours in total; CJ Logistics has fulfilled its “Mutual Growth,” a key principle of CJ Group’s management philosophy.

- CJ Logistics carried out social contribution activities that reflected the demands of local communities, including handing out free lunch boxes and repairing electric wheelchairs for free.

- CJ Logistics plans to diversify its social contribution programs to include a traffic safety campaign for children, field trips for children dreaming of becoming supercar racers, study room volunteering, etc.

Employee Volunteering

CJ Logistics has achieved a major milestone by exceeding 25,000 cumulative hours of employee volunteering last year. 25,000 hours is equivalent to the time that it takes to circle the earth about 550 times by plane.

After summing up the hours all its employees spent volunteering in 2019, CJ Logistics announced on the 14th that the figure came to a total of 25,628 hours, a 19% increase on the previous year; the cumulative number of hours of employee volunteering for 2018 was 21,545, and the number increased by 4,083 in 2019. This also means that CJ Logistics has achieved the remarkable feat of surpassing 20,000 hours of employee volunteering for three consecutive years since 2017.

The percentage of executives and employees participating in volunteer work has also increased. The percentage was 81% in 2018, but this increased by 14% to 95% in 2019. The increase indicates that most of the CJ Logistics’ executives and employees in South Korea—who are able to participate in volunteer work—have taken it upon themselves to make extra time for social contribution activities.

CJ Logistics supports its executives and employees’ participation in social contribution activities through its company-wide volunteer service organization, Hope Sharing Corps. Hope Sharing Corps contributes to continuously raising the participation rate by providing programs in a wide range of areas that can harness the characteristics of the logistics industry in which the company operates and can also satisfy the needs of the local communities.

One of CJ Logistics’ representative social contribution programs that make good use of a logistics company's characteristics is “Run, Happy Electric Wheelchairs,” whereby executives and employees regularly visit special schools and disabled facilities together with the Institute of the Disabled for Independent Living and provide electric wheelchair free-repair services. “Lunch Boxes of Love,” whereby a total of 586 CJ Logistics executives and employees have so far delivered free lunch boxes to senior citizens living alone and examined their health, is a good example of volunteer programs that contribute to local communities. The “Kimchi-making Program,” which has seen the participation of 331 people so far and is conducted at the end of each year in the various regions of South Korea that house CJ Logistics business sites, the “Welfare Facility Visiting Program (attended by 918 people so far)” and the “Study Room Visiting Program (attended by 514 people so far)” are also regarded as good models that lead both the company and the local community to grow.

Furthermore, CJ Logistics executives and employees are currently carrying out a traffic safety campaign for children in conjunction with the Metropolitan Government of Gwangju (Gyeonggi-do), Gwangju Metropolitan Police Agency and the Green Mothers' Society of Korea. They also run the “Dream Building Expedition” program, which invites local community children to the CJ Logistics SuperRace Championship that takes place in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do and Yeongam, Jeonnam.

The free delivery of goods associated with Salvation Army charity pot events that take place at the end of each year is also a good example of company-wide social contribution activities that harness the characteristics of the logistics industry. At the end of November each year, CJ Logistics aids the Salvation Army in delivering charity pot goods to some 350 Salvation Army locations across South Korea for free from the Salvation Army headquarters. CJ Logistics’ free courier service, which is provided for patriots and veterans in June—a month that honors people that have defended the nation—is also regarded as a good example of contribution activities that draw on the characteristics of the logistics industry.

A CJ Logistics official said, “To our delight, we have been breaking our own record for the cumulative hours of employee volunteering each year thanks to the active participation and support of executives and employees. Going forward, based on the principle of mutual growth, a key principle of CJ Group's management philosophy, we will strive even harder to forge a corporate culture in which all members of the company can participate and enjoy things together.”

Meanwhile, in December last year, CJ Logistics was named a “company that has contributed to the local communities” by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Korea National Council on Social Welfare in recognition of its contributions to solving the local communities’ problems and stimulating social contribution activities through various efforts including its traffic safety campaign, “Courier Service for People with Developmental Disabilities,” “Creation of Hope-Sharing Forests,” and “Silver Delivery,” which is the company's representative CSV (Creating Shared Value) business model. Moreover, CJ Logistics also received a “Social Contribution Activity Practitioner” commendation from the Seoul Metropolitan Government's Office of Jung-gu—the district where the company is headquartered—in recognition of the company's as well as its executives and employees’ contributions to solving both big and small problems that have arisen in the local communities.