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CJ ONE Membership Exceeds 26 Million


26 Million Membership Milestone Achieved

- CJ ONE's membership has increased by three million in just two years

- CJ ONE points are mostly used at Olive Young, CGV and A Twosome Place

- CJ ONE provides living culture services through platforms such as Culture Town and Edu Town

[CJ Olive Networks, Tuesdays, Jan. 21, 2020] CJ OliveNetworks, headed by CEO Cha In-Hyok, has reported that CJ Group's integrated membership service, CJ ONE, surpassed a total of 26 million members last year.

Total number of CJ ONE members

▲ Trends of increase in the number of CJ ONE members

CJ ONE has achieved 26 million members just two years after exceeding 23 million members in 2017, establishing itself as South Korea’s representative membership service. Members of CJ ONE can accumulate and use points from CJ Group’s varied brands.

  Points earned and used by CJ ONE members in relation to each CJ affiliate brand

▲ Points earned and used by CJ ONE members in relation to each CJ affiliate brand

Members of CJ ONE can use about 90% of the points they earn in a given year like cash when purchasing products from CJ brands, so they can consume more frugally.

Analysis of points earned and used by CJ ONE members in relation to each CJ affiliate brand shows that the number of members who used their points at Olive Young was the highest, followed by CGV, A Twosome Place, CJ Foodville’s food service brands (Tous Les Jours, VIPS, Season's Table, etc.) and CJ O Shopping, in that order. The figures are deemed to reflect consumption trends among CJ ONE's primary member demographic, female members in their 20s and 30s.

Not only does CJ ONE enable its members to accumulate and use points, it also provides the opportunity to experience a variety of living culture events through its CJ ONE app.

A case in point is its discount promotions for culture events, which benefited some 900,000 members last year; CJ ONE offers discounts on various cultural events ranging from exhibitions to concerts to leisure events. In addition, in order for its members to enjoy those events with more ease, it even opened Culture Town.

In Culture Town, not only can you see at a glance information about CJ ONE's ongoing discount promotions for culture events, but you can also easily check out information about cultural events on a calendar day basis as well as news articles and reviews about each event.

Moreover, CJ ONE also opened Edu Town, which is available for use by all members. Through this platform, digital textbooks, English classes, one day classes and so on are provided for its members to be able to experience by using their CJ ONE points.

CJ OliveNetworks's Data Business Team leader Woo-Sang Kim said, “We are grateful to CJ ONE members for showing such great interest in the various services CJ ONE provides, and not just in our point system. This year, we will continue to provide living culture services that can be enjoyed by people of all ages through our CJ ONE app, which is used by 3 million people on average each month.”

In related news, for the convenience of users of its app, CJ ONE has updated the app’s VIP lounge and adopted new features such as KakaoTalk Simple login and the provision of personalized services based on an analysis of each member’s tastes.