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CJ THE MARKET Transforms into Bookstore CJ CheilJedang to Run THE Cheil Delicious Bookstore


“Spend the most valuable time in a store selling the most delicious food!”
CJ CheilJedang has launched a unique food culture space

- CJ CheilJedang will run a popup bookstore in CJ THE MARKET located on the first basement level of its head office until January 17, 2020, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy both HMR shopping and other cultural activities
- The bookstore will feature products from CJ Cheiljedang’s four representative brands and books from four independent bookstores displayed in an interconnected, harmonious manner, offering a variety of things to see.

Most Delicious Bookstore

Most Delicious Bookstore

Most Delicious Bookstore

CJ CheilJedang, a company that has been leading HMR trends, has launched a unique food culture space from which to present next-generation lifestyles.

CJ CheilJedang announced on the 8th that it would transform CJ THE MARKET, located on the first basement level of its head office in Jung-gu, Seoul, into THE Cheil Delicious Bookstore. THE Cheil Delicious Bookstore is a space where visitors can enjoy both browsing products and reading books.

A long-time leader of HMR food culture, CJ CheilJedang planned THE Cheil Delicious Bookstore with a view to enabling consumers to invest the time they have used to spend on cooking in cultural activities, such as reading. This new project reflects recent consumption trends where consumers are increasingly inclined to reduce the amount of time spent on cooking and instead spend their free time engaging in more worthwhile activities. THE Cheil Delicious Bookstore will be run until January 17 next year through strategic partnerships with four independent bookstores based in Seoul.

Rather than focusing on selling products in this new space, CJ CheilJedang plans to make it serve as a place where consumers can experience a changing food culture. For the creation of THE Cheil Delicious Bookstore, CJ CheilJedang matched its four representative brands — bibigo, Gourmet, Hetbahn and Beksul — with the four independent bookstores one-to-one. Products from each brand have been placed together with books from the bookstore that matches the most in an interconnected manner. THE Cheil Delicious Bookstore provides the opportunity to enjoy both CJ CheilJedang’s flagship products and books from various bookstores in a single place and is therefore expected to draw massive crowds.

The world’s leading Korean food brand bibigo collaborated with independent bookstore “Unplanned earth.” bibigo's Thick Beef Bone Soup is displayed together with the book “Beef Bone Soup,” sold at Jigubulsichak. The reason is, when you are reading a book about beef bone soup, you naturally come to think of bibigo’s Thick Beef Bone Soup, known for its rich taste. Gourmet partnered with Bookstore Yeonhee, and Hetbahn and Beksul partnered with Gaga 77 Pages and Mystery Union, respectively. THE Cheil Delicious Bookstore features a total of 100 books, handpicked by the owners of the bookstores themselves.

During the event period, a new space called “the Most Beneficial Restaurant” will also be featured in CJ THE MARKET's deli section. The restaurant will serve dishes related to the books on display at the bookstore, offering new menus each week. A fun element was added as well; the restaurant is furnished with books that patrons can read in relaxation while eating their meals. Furthermore, stationery items such as notebooks made using CJ CheilJedang's products have also been incorporated into the space to further enhance the atmosphere of the space as a bookstore.

CJ CheilJedang ran a popup store called “Bibida Jeju (a wordplay on bibigo, ‘bibida’ meaning rub)” in CJ THE MARKET this past September as well, in celebration of the holding of The CJ Cup. “Bibida Jeju,” created in collaboration with the brand “bibigo,” was a space perfectly reminiscent of Jeju Island. The popup space sold not only Jeju’s specialty products, such as Udo peanuts, which are not easily found in Seoul, but also Jeju black pork ramen “Dotmen,” adding to the fun of the space. Next year, CJ CheilJedang intends to continue to plan and run other trendy popup stores in a similar fashion.

A CJ CheilJedang official said, “'With Christmas and the New Year approaching, THE Cheil Delicious Bookstore will be introducing additional books and products suitable for those occasions. CJ THE MARKET will go beyond simply being an HMR flagship store where food culture is experienced and will evolve into an offline platform that provides even more valuable cultural experiences.”