CJ ENM’s Odense, ‘Upgraded’ to Total Kitchenware Brand


- Launching two new lines of cookware... Also opened is a new ‘Odense Dinette’ storefront that suggests a new kitchen lifestyle
- The popular Legodt line of ‘Korean Hostel in Spain’ fame is leading 100 million won in sales a month after the debut of its Jamsil store
- “The kitchen is a personalized, family-centric space... we will continue to grow Odense into a brand full of story and life”

Image of Odense’s cookware lines, Legodt Cook(left) and ALUM(right)>

Featured in tvN’s popular variety program ‘Korean Hostel in Spain’, CJ ENM O Shopping Division’s tableware brand ‘Odense’ has launched two new lines of cookware. Starting with the launch of the cookware, Odense plans to expand its product lineup into various forms of kitchenware and to offer a new kitchen-related lifestyle through an expanded concept store, growing into a ‘total kitchenware’ brand.

The newly debuted ‘Legodt Cook’ inherits the design language of ‘Legodt’, one of Odense’s tableware lines. It features a trendy design that is perfectly suited for serving the cooked food right on the table. A curved handle and signature Legodt colors such as ‘Vanilla Cream’ and ‘Sweet Pumpkin’ all work together to harmonize with the existing Legodt tableware. A sturdy 3-ply structure boasts exceptional heat transfer and retention. Seamless design by spot welding process makes washing it clean and easy. The 24cm frying pan is priced at 75,000 won.

Another cookware line, ‘ALUM’, expresses the natural, unrefined texture of cast iron through a coating applied via sand casting that sprays coarse particles. A durable, high-density mold cast product, it features a thick bottom that offers exceptional heat transfer and retention. Three layers of fluorine resin coating provide a non-stick cooking experience, and the water repellent beech handle has been treated with carbonization to preserve the natural color and grain of wood. The 24cm frying pan is priced at 89,000 won.

In addition, Odense has also debuted an offline store, ‘Odense Dinette’ (pictured above), suggesting a new kitchen lifestyle that is growing in popularity. A ‘dinette’ refers to a space where the kitchen and the dining hall are not separated, and it is being highlighted as a personalized family space that strengthens family bonds with the change in household composition.

The first ‘Odense Dinette’ store, which covers an area of about 49.6m2 on the 10th floor of Lotte Department Store in Castle Plaza, recorded monthly sales of 100 million won during its pilot operation in March with the popularity of tvN’s variety program ‘Korean Hostel in Spain’. Odense Dinette is offering the Italian stainless steel cookware brand Lagostina that comes with over a hundred years of tradition as well as the glassware brand Ichendorf for the first time in Korea.

Odense plans to grow into a total kitchenware brand by opening an additional Dinette store within this year, expanding its product lineup and categories such as small kitchen appliances, and by working with CJ ENM to further achieve successful content commerce cases such as ‘Korean Hostel in Spain’ and ‘Mr. Sunshine’.

“Through Odense, we hope our customers will enjoy a wider range of family moments in the kitchen, building their bond and experiencing the concept of a ‘dinette’ as a warm and romantic family-oriented space,” said a representative from CJ ENM Odense, and revealed that “we will grow Odense into a brand that offers a new lifestyle full of story and life.”