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CJ ENM 'Odense' is enthusiastically received at ‘HOMI’


CJ ENM’s tableware 'Odense' participated in one of the world’s top 3 consumer goods expos which was held in Milan, Italy. Odense not only attracted the attention of overseas buyers, but was also introduced in a special exhibition, which analyzed the lifestyle trends of the year, thus underscoring its growth potential as a global brand.

 ▲'Odense' participated in ‘HOMI,’ the world’s largest consumer goods expo, and was enthusiastically received by overseas buyers.

|It received public attention at one of the world’s top 3 consumer goods expos
Odense was the first domestic tableware brand to install its own exhibition booth and participated in ‘HOMI,’ a consumer goods expo held in Milan, the center of the fashion industry, for four days from January 25 to January 28. Having started out as ‘Macef’ in 1964, this expo has a 56-year-old tradition. It is regarded as one of the world’s top 3 consumer goods expos together with France’s 'Maison & Objet' and Germany’s 'Ambiente.' This year, 1,150 business operators from over 40 countries around the world, including Italy, participated in the expo, and introduced various products that will allow people to visualize global living trends at a glance.

Odense’s exhibition booth of about 60㎡ has a structure with a lattice pattern on the curved stand, and products with a modern and Oriental feeling are decorated like artworks. Hundreds of buyers from various countries around the world, including Italy, France, UK, Russia, Israel, Brazil and China, visited the booth and engaged in business discussion. Five European department stores of Russia, UK, among others, including France’s Raphael Department Store , requested to purchase samples on the spot. Hotel interior companies also expressed their intention to buy both the products and the booth concept, and several media outlets covered the booth.

▲Buyers can be seen listening to explanations while visiting the Odense exhibition booth.

Visitors praised the various practical product compositions of Odense which added Korean interpretation to the Northern European style tableware brand. Unlike general European tableware products, consisting of 3~4 dishes and a soup or salad bowl, various product shapes and compositions for Korean food, such as various side dishes, jang and grilled food, looked quite unique to European customers.

Various product compositions could also be seen in a number of tableware brands that participated in this event. An official from Fiera Milano, which planned the HOMI event, said "As Asian food is growing in popularity throughout the world with a particular focus on noodles, demand for large concave bowls, not dishes, is increasing in Europe as well."

In particular, visitors showed much interest in the ‘Legodt’ line, which can be mixed and arranged differently depending on usage, and the ‘smuk’ line, consisting of Korean traditional brassware products. Some people said they were delighted to see the Odense products, which appeared in a tvN drama ‘Mr. Sunshine,’ and were displayed in the exhibition booth. Reporter Kate Birch of ‘Tableware International,’ a UK media specializing in tableware, said she watched ‘Mr. Sunshine’ on Netflix, and "It’s amazing that products in the drama, which I thought were merely props, are actually for sale."

|Compositions that combined Northern European sensibility with Korean food culture were seen to be "refreshing!"

At this expo, HOMI joined hands with Milan’s POLI.Design, and WGSN, a trend investigation agency, to first introduce the Hybrid Lounge that presents the directionality of future lifestyles. Odense introduced a total of 4 types of products, such as the brassware bowls and spoon and chopsticks sets in the Odense ‘smuk’ line, the bowl sets of ‘Legodt’ and the dishes of the ‘Mr. Sunshine’ line, here and there throughout the exhibition space, which specifically presented lifestyle trends and the future of interior design through the carefully selected products, made of innovative materials and finishing materials, on display at the expo. These products attracted a great deal of attention. "The spoon and chopsticks sets of the ‘smuk’ line, which the spoon, chopsticks and chopsticks rests are uniformly made of brassware, and the noodle bowls of the ‘Atelier’ line, which added a natural feeling with the comb-pattern finish, are truly impressive," reflected HOMI’s art director Lucy Salamanca, who supervised the planning of this expo. "As Korean food culture is being added to Northern European sensibility, the various kinds of compositions, which have never been seen before, were quite refreshing."

"Not only overseas buyers, but also media outlets exhibited strong interest, and I think it’s an encouraging sign," stated a CJ ENM Odense official. "We will solidify the foundation for domestic growth with a focus on TV home shopping, and leverage this to help make inroads into overseas markets." Odense is currently aiming for KRW 20 billion in sales this year.