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CJ Foodville’s Tous Les Jours attracts attention with 'environmental protection + donation'


In the era when climate change is such a concern, reducing the use of disposable items and protecting the environment is not just ‘something good to do,’ but ‘something that must be done.’ Tous Les Jours (www.tlj.co.kr), operated by CJ Foodville (CEO Seong-pil Jeong), announced on February 3 that it entered into an agreement to reduce the use of vinyl for protecting the environment and will donate the proceeds from the sale of vinyl shopping bags.

▲Tous Les Jours has entered into an MOU with World Vision, which combines environmental protection with donation efforts.

The owners of over 130 Tous Les Jours stores around the country voluntarily participated in this activity, and the company is planning to gradually increase the number of participating stores. The proceeds from the sale of vinyl shopping bags will be donated to World Vision, and used to support the dreams of children in Korea. World Vision is a global NGO that helps solve the poverty and inequalities of the underprivileged. Through this MOU, Tous Les Jours created an opportunity to enable participation in solving essential environmental issues and therefore lead to good consumption, such as sharing.

Tous Les Jours is planning to reduce the use of vinyl shopping bags in Tous Les Jours stores around the country by up to 80% by the end of this month, and completely eliminate them as soon as the inventory is depleted. In addition, Tous Les Jours introduced paper bags without handles, which can replace vinyl shopping bags, and plans to propose that customers can reduce the use of disposable items by planning a promotion to give away shopping bags.

“We entered into this MOU so that we can take the lead in environmental protection, which is now essential, no longer an option, and continue sharing with others,” said a Tous Les Jours official. “I expect that customers will respond favorably to this MOU which naturally leads participation in environmental protection to donation efforts.”